Formula 1: Teammate Comparisons After Abu Dhabi (Round 17)

Mike CassCorrespondent INovember 2, 2009

ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - NOVEMBER 01:  Sebastian Vettel (L) of Germany and Red Bull Racing celebrates with second placed team mate Mark Webber  (R)of Australia and Red Bull Racing in parc ferme after winning the Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix at the Yas Marina Circuit on November 1, 2009 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.  (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)
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Concluding my regular article where I compare Formula 1 teammates against each other, I will compare qualifying performance and judge them after the weights of the cars have been announced.


How qualifying results are displayed:

Position Qualified/Driver Name/Qualifying Time/Weight


I will then give my opinion of who had the better race, which is not necessarily the driver with the best result.


How race results are displayed:

Position Finished/Driver Name/Total Race Time/Fastest Lap


Drivers will be awarded one point for qualifying and one point for the race. Come the end of the season, we will see who did the better job.


Feel free to challenge my opinion.


Brawn GP


Qualifying: Barrichello +1


Barrichello once again out-qualified Button, but not by much when you consider their fuel loads.


P4 Barrichello 1:41.786 655kg

P5 Button 1:41.892 657kg


Race: Button +1


Barrichello had a coming together with Webber at turn one that damaged his front wing, this allowed Button to get past as Barrichello struggled for pace.


Button was overtaken by the fast charging Kobayashi after his first pit stop, Jenson out braked himself on cold tyres and a heavier fuel load to lose the position to the Japanese rookie.


In the closing laps of the race, Button went on a charge to get second, reeling Webber in by a second a lap.


The pair had an epic duel on the final lap, but Button just couldn't find a way by and had to settle for third.


P3 Button 1:34:21.881 Fastest Lap: 1:40.642

P4 Barrichello 1:34:26.149 Fastest Lap: 1:40.449


Season: Jenson Button 20 – 14 Rubens Barrichello




Qualifying: Hamilton +1


Both Kovalainen and Hamilton ran wide during qualifying, but in Q2 Kovalainen suffered from a transmission problem that meant he had to have a new gearbox and a five place grid penalty (Kovalainen will start 18th ).


Hamilton, though, came good on his practice pace and grabbed pole by over half a second from Vettel. In hindsight, he probably should have put a bit more fuel in.


P1 Hamilton 1:40.948 658.5kg

P13 Kovalainen 1:40.983 697kg


Race: Hamilton +1


Kovalainen managed to overtake five cars in the first lap to negate his penalty, and during the pit stops managed to get in front of Raikkonen.


At the front Hamilton was struggling to build the vital gap to Vettel that he needed as the Englishman would be pitting first, and he didn't help his cause when he ran wide.


When Hamilton did pit he managed to rejoin in front of Webber, but that didn't matter as Hamilton was soon forced to retire with a rear brake issue.


However, for me, Hamilton had done enough to earn the point. Look at the fastest lap times: Kovalainen was a second slower, yet he was out there when the track was at it's optimum!


P11 Kovalainen 1:34:56.212 Fastest Lap: 1:41.316

P19 Hamilton—Retired (Rear brakes), lap 20 Fastest Lap: 1:40.367


Season: Lewis Hamilton 24 – 10 Hekki Kovalainen




Qualifying: Raikkonen +1


Fisichella qualified a legitimate last place in probably his last ever F1 race, whilst Raikkonen qualified in eleventh place.


P11 Raikkonen 1:40.726 692kg

P20 Fisichella 1:42.184 692.5kg


Race: Raikkonen +1


Fisichella was the only driver to start the race on the option tyre, but it didn't really make much difference.


Raikkonen would have finished where he started had Kovalainen not jumped him during the pit stops, however he still put in a better performance than Fisi.


P12 Raikkonen 1:34:57.731 Fastest Lap: 1:40.843

P16 Fisichella + 1 Lap Fastest Lap: 1:41.132


Season: Giancarlo Fisichella 0 – 10 Kimi Raikkonen

(Season: Luca Badoer 0 – 4 Kimi Raikkonen)

(Season: Felipe Massa 10 – 10 Kimi Raikkonen)


Red Bull


Qualifying: Vettel +1


Webber should have qualified in front of Vettel when you take their fuel loads into consideration. He didn't, so Vettel gets the point


P2 Vettel 1:41.615 663kg

P3 Webber 1:41.726 660kg


Race: Vettel +1


Webber's left rear tyre took a big whack from Barrichello's front wing at turn one off the start, however it didn't seem to cause the Aussie any serious issues.


Both Red Bull drivers had impressive paces in the opening stint and were able to match Hamilton, but in the second and final stints Webber was unable to match the pace of his teammate.


Webber soon came under pressure from Button, who was taking a second a lap out of him. The pair duelled for the whole of the last lap for second, but Webber managed to hold the position.


Vettel was nearly hindered by having the Toro Rosso of Alguersuari in his pit box, but his mechanics managed to clear the confused driver out of the way in time.


Vettel rejoined in the lead and then it was a case of driving to the chequered flag for his fourth victory of the year.


P1 Vettel 1:34:03.414 Fastest Lap: 1:40.279

P2 Webber 1:34:21.271 Fastest Lap: 1:40.571


Season: Sebastian Vettel 22 – 12 Mark Webber




Qualifying: Trulli +1


Kobayashi has been on the pace of Trulli throughout practice, but couldn't quite match his teammate in qualifying and dropped out in Q2.


P6 Trulli 1:41.897 661kg

P12 Kobayashi 1:40.777 694.3kg


Race: Kobayashi +1


Kobayashi did well at the start to keep Raikkonen behind him at the hairpin and an even better job to overtake Button after his first stop.


OK, Button was on cold tyres and a heavier fuel load, but the Japanese rookie positioned himself well and kept his cool.


Kobayashi then went on a charge, utilising his one stop strategy well. He closed the gap to Webber to only four seconds before his pit stop.


Trulli once again had a train forming behind, but Kubica managed to escape the tail back after a brief duel.


Trulli lost out to his teammate after his second stop, but seventh isn't a bad showing considering his early pace.


P6 Kobayashi 1:34:32.757 Fastest Lap: 1:40.779

P7 Trulli 1:34:37.780 Fastest Lap: 1:40.723


Season: Jarno Trulli 2 – 2 Kamui Kobayashi

(Season: Jarno Trulli 17 – 13 Timo Glock)




Qualifying: Alonso +1


Grosjean has spent most of the practice sessions spinning, qualifying was no different. However, to be fair to the Frenchman, the Renault is a dog of a car, as proved by Alonso only managing to qualify in sixteenth place.


P16 Alonso 1:41.667 708.3kg

P19 Grosjean 1:41.950 710.8kg


Race: Alonso +1


A quiet race for the Renault pair, the only exciting moment was Alonso breezing by Kobayashi before coming in for his pit stop.


P14 Alonso 1:35:13.014 Fastest Lap: 1:40.757

P18 Grosjean + 1 Lap Fastest Lap: 1:42.274


Season: Fernando Alonso 12 – 2 Romain Grosjean.

(Season: Fernando Alonso 15 – 5 Nelson Piquet Jr.)




Qualifying: Rosberg +1


Nakajima made a mistake in Q2 that maybe cost him a chance of making Q3; however, no such issues for Rosberg who did.


P9 Rosberg 1:42.583 665kg

P14 Nakajima 1:41.148 704kg


Race: Rosberg +1


Rosberg couldn't find a way by the BMW of Heidfeld at the start, but later on capitalised on Kubica spinning his BMW after colliding with Buemi.


Did anyone see Nakajima out there?


P9 Rosberg 1:34:49.355 Fastest Lap: 1:40.997

P13 Nakajima 1:35:03.253 Fastest Lap: 1:40.754


Season: Nico Rosberg 31 - 3 Kazuki Nakajima




Qualifying: Kubica +1


Kubica qualified in front of Heidfeld by half a second, but that's not the full story. Check out their fuel loads and it shows the pair were pretty evenly managed, Kubica does just edge the point though.


P7 Kubica 1:41.992 654.5kg

P8 Heidfeld 1:42.343 664kg


Race: Heidfeld +1


It was vital for Kubica to overtake Trulli as he started to become a rolling road block, and after a brief duel, the Pole made it past with minimal affect to his strategy. However, after the pit stops Kubica once again found himself behind Trulli.


Kubica was fighting with Buemi for eighth place when he bumped the Toro Rosso and put his BMW into a spin that allowed the Williams of Rosberg through.


Heidfeld was under attack from Rosberg at the start but managed to hold him off, and then made up some places in the pits, getting in front of Kubica and Trulli.


P5 Heidfeld 1:34:29.667 Fastest Lap: 1:40.672

P10 Kubica 1:34:51.594 Fastest Lap: 1:40.924


Season: Robert Kubica 19 – 15 Nick Heidfeld


Force India


Qualifying: Liuzzi +1


The stopwatch doesn't lie, and by it's reckoning Liuzzi beat Sutil.


P17 LiuzzI 1:41.701 695kg

P18 Sutil 1:41.863 696kg


Race: Liuzzi +1


Nothing of note happened to these two during the race, other than Sutil was lapped and Liuzzi wasn't.


P15 Liuzzi 1:35:37.814 Fastest Lap: 1:41.277

P17 Sutil + 1 Lap Fastest Lap: 1:40.904


Season: Vitantonio Liuzzi 6 - 4 Adrian Sutil

(Season: Giancarlo Fisichella 13 – 11 Adrian Sutil)


Toro Rosso


Qualifying: Buemi +1


Alguersuari did well to make Q2, but it was Buemi who, once again, did a stand out job to make Q3.


P10 Buemi 1:42.713 661.5kg

P15 Alguersuari 1:41.689 696.5kg


Race: Buemi +1


Alguersuari didn't do himself any favours when he stopped in Vettel's pit box assuming the mechanics were his. He was soon cleared out of the way but then retired with a gearbox issue.


Buemi had another good race and, yet again, collected a point.


However, it wasn't all plain sailing as Kubica bashed his BMW into Buemi whilst trying to take his eighth place from him.


P8 Buemi 1:34:44.708 Fastest Lap: 1:40.326

P20 Alguersuari -Retired (Gearbox), lap 18 Fastest Lap: 1:43.318


Season: Sebastian Buemi 12 – 4 Jamie Alguersuari

(Season: Sebastian Buemi 13 – 5 Sebastian Bourdais)


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