Pour Some Sugar on Me: USC's Bowl Outlook Actually Improves After Oregon Loss

Seth HengContributor IMarch 21, 2017

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

With the loss at Washington and Saturday night’s debacle against the Oregon Ducks, the 12th ranked USC Trojans are basically out of the BCS Championship and maybe even the Pac-10 Title race.  If so, their seven consecutive Pac-10 conference titles will end this year, which means the Trojans will not have an automatic bid to the Rose Bowl. 

The Oregon Ducks may not be the better team, but they are currently playing better football than the Trojans.  Even though this is tragic for the Trojans, it is time for another Pac-10 team to make some noise even though; the Trojans are usually the cream of crop. 

Other conferences, such as the SEC, Big 12, or even the Big Ten have the problem of multiple outstanding teams fighting for conference superiority and a chance to the BCS Championship game. 

Pete Carroll has been outspoken against the BCS system.  His Trojans are usually the odd man out when competing for the No. 1 or No. 2 BCS spots with other one-loss teams.  Now with two losses, the Trojans will be competing for up to four at-large bids to play in a BCS bowl game.  Teams in the Top 14 in the BCS poll will be vying for one of the bids. 

For the past three years, the Trojans have dominated the Big Ten Conference in the Rose Bowl, and it is about time for the Trojans to show their guns against another conference and in another BCS bowl game. 

It is obvious that the BCS system is a money-grubbing system for the media [*cough*…FOX] that benefits top-tier schools.  So would it be stimulating if the BCS Gods put either Alabama or Florida against USC in the Sugar Bowl or Texas against USC in the Fiesta Bowl?

On behalf of the USC Trojans and Pete Carroll, the Trojans would LOVE to play in a BCS bowl game against a SEC team or even avenge their 2006 BCS Championship loss against Texas (Vince Young still haunts all Trojan Fans). 

Either matchup will bring in immense revenue and give Pete Carroll the matchups he has wanted to have in a long time. Carroll, who has been highly vocal about the current system, knows his team can compete with any SEC or Big 12 team.

So Trojan fans don’t look at the Oregon loss as a disappointment; look at it as an opportunity to gain respect.  If this dream scenario plays out, USC will finally play against an elite college football program and if victorious, Carroll and the Trojans will be able to silence all their critics.  FIGHT ON!