Trade Central: Who Should Be a Timberwolf?

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Trade Central: Who Should Be a Timberwolf?
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Is it just me, or are a lot of players going unnoticed? I am open to suggestions on this subject, but I'd like to do a article on who the Minnesota Timberwolves should pursue.

I always contemplate the Wolves becoming the Atlanta Hawks of two seasons ago by making a midseason trade to improve their team enough to get the eight seed.

Here are a few players I'm looking at:

Nick Young (SG), Washington Wizards

The Wolves are in desparate need of three-point shooting, and more athleticism cannot hurt at all. He's not getting much playing time with Mike Miller, Caron Butler, Randy Foye and others over there, and he would flourish in an up-tempo style with pass-first point guards Jonny Flynn and Ramon Sessions.

Rudy Fernandez (SG/SF), Portland Trailblazers

If the Wolves were able to trade for Fernandez, I would honestly move back to Minnesota. With electrifying athleticism and a great three-point shot, Fernandez would also fill a void and possibly get Ricky Rubio over here in two seasons. But who cares about Rubio right now?

Kevin Martin (SG), Sacramento Kings

Haha, this would be great, although I don't know what we could give up for this guy. I feel like the Wolves are an All-Star caliber player away from playoff contention, and Martin would fit the bill.

I just see Martin and Tyreke Evans not working out that well for the future, and more than likely, the Wolves would have to trade Flynn or Sessions to get him. Sucks, right?

Chase Budinger (SG/SF), Houston Rockets

An assassin rookie three-point shooter, Budinger could be the steal of the draft. I could see the Wolves getting him by trading Mark Blount (they desperately need a center) or trading Nathan Jawai and a throwing in second round pick.

Leandro Barbosa (SG), Phoenix Suns

"The Blur?" Shooting and fastbreak scoring? Sixth man of the year? I wonder what it would take to pry him away from the Phoenix Suns, but just like all the other players, Barbosa would fill a void on the Wolves' squad.

There are many players I would love to see in a Timberwolves uniform. More than likely it would cost the Wolves a crucial piece of our core nucleus to nail any of those players, but again, we could pull another Atlanta Hawks move.

You get Jamal Crawford for Speedy Claxton and Acie Law? Sorry David Kahn, he gotcha beat!

What says the Bleacher Report Timberwolves community?

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