Abu Dhabi Provides Many Firsts and an End To The Formula One Season

Cory HartleyCorrespondent INovember 2, 2009

ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - NOVEMBER 01:  Mark Webber of Australia and Red Bull Racing drives during the Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix at the Yas Marina Circuit on November 1, 2009 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.  (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)
Clive Mason/Getty Images


           The Formula One season offically came to an end today at Abu Dhabi. First off the Abu Dhabi Raceway was a great place to end the season! This was the first time F1 has raced this circuit and it didnt disappoint. Starting in the late afternoon this provided the first time that an F1 race started in the daylight and finished under the halogen lamps of night time. After seeing this race and the Singapore Granprix leads me to the conclusion that there should be more races in the night time. These two races were spectacular! Just seeing the cars run through the lights made the experience of F1 that much more enjoyable.

            The track was a supurb effort that cost a kings ransom to build, but worth every penny. Nestled on the Persian Gulf, close enough for massive yachts to pull right up and watch, there seemed to be no expence spared for this beautiful circuit. There are actually two coarses in one that could run two different races at the same time. There is a hotel on the course with a covering that changed color at whem. The cars drove under part of the hotel which made for some great pictures with the colored covering in the background (pictured above). This circuit also provided the longest straight away of any course which had drivers experience 5 G's of force under brakeing for the hairpin at the end. There is also a full air conditioned garage thats a first for any F1 track.

           The race itself didnt dissapoint either. Even though the championship had already been wrapped up by Brawn driver Jenson Button there were many battles to be decided at Abu Dhabi.

            The action was great from beginning to end. Lewis Hamilton started from pole and had the car to beat during the first stints. However Lewis subcame to brake failure towards the end of the race which left the win to Red Bulls Vettel. Vettel looked like the only car capiable of challenging Hamilton and with the early exit Vettel and his Red Bull team mate Webber were able to capture a one - two finish in this ignagural race. McLaren was able to hold off Ferrari for the third place constructers position battle, even though neither team finished in the points. With the win Vettel was able to move into the second place in the championship points edgeing out Brawns Barrichello. Also makeing him the only other German driver, since Micheal Schumacher, to win four races in one season.

           One of the great surprises was Toyotas subsitute driver Kamui Kobayashi. Kamui got the start for injured Timo Glock in the race prior and came home 9th. He had a great run at Brazil and didnt fall off here at Abu Dhabi. Finishing 6th and running as high as third on a one stopper. Hopefully he will keep a seat for next years races as he proved he could battle with the big dogs!  

           All and all this was a wonderful end to the season and should provide great foder for the coming year. With all the new teams and rule changes comeing, this should be an exciting offseason which will undoubtedly have us salivating for the start of next year.