Matt Forte Will be the Starting Running Back in Chicago

Kyle BuntonCorrespondent IJune 8, 2008

Ok, this article is for everybody that has been asking who will take Cedric Benson's starting role, if and when he is cut from the team.

The answer is Matt Forte. If you don't know the name let me fill you in.

He was drafted by the Chicago Bears in Round Two of the 2008 NFL Draft. He has shown the speed and moves to get to the second level of a defense unlike Cedric Benson. Matt can also catch the ball in the backfield, also unlike Cedric Benson. Here are some stats and info:

Matt Forte

6'1'' 224 pounds

Tulane University

He was second in the NCAA in rushing yards in 2007 with, 2,127 yards, second best to Kevin Smith from University of Central Florida.

He had 23 rushing touchdowns in 2007.

He averaged 5.9 rushing yards per carry with no fumbles in 2007.


Cedric Benson

6'0'' 225 pounds

University of Texas

He rushed for 1,834 yards with 5.1 yards per carry in 2004.

He rushed for 19 touchdowns in 2004.

He didn't fumble in 2004.


And if you are even thinking about picking up Shaun Alexander, LaMont Jordan, or anybody else, you're crazy. We have a better running back than anybody we could pick up, and one who is way better than Cedric Benson.

I know he's a rookie, but look at what Adrian Peterson on Minnesota did last year. Matt Forte isn't Adrian Peterson, but he's pretty darn good.