Why The Giants Need to Fire Bill Sheridan

Jim WoodContributor INovember 1, 2009

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - MAY 09:  Defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan  of the New York Giants watches drills at rookie camp on May 9, 2009 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

I think Bill Sheridan might be the worst defensive coordinator in the NFL right now.  If you look at the stats you could say, "Look there ranked 1st in the NFL in yards allowed," but that stat is misleading, the reason why the defense is ranked first in yards allowed is not bill sheridan its because they played god awful teams in there first 5 weeks that right now still probably combine to have less than 15 wins between them.  Now in the last three weeks when they had to play hard teams it looks like Bill Sheridan is lost he has no idea what he wants to and the reason for that is because he is clueless and is really lost without any sense or idea of where to go.  Last year Steve Spagnuolo would prepare for games he would make game plans for each team which would allow for the defense to work well against that teams offense and not allow for them to score 40 + points on them.  A coach like Steve Spagnuolo would come up with to stop a certain play that he could tell by film that opposing teams had a very hard time containing.  However, with Bill Sheridan it seems like he his just blindly calling and preparing plays for the defense it seems as if there is no plan for the game and if he is just blindly calling plays of the play sheet with no thought to the down, yardage, or field position that the opposing offense has.  With Sheridan there has been no pressure, no coverage downfield, and as far as I can tell he has had more to work with than Steve Spagnuolo did any year before. You could ask any giants fan, the giants don't have a good secondary but if you can design and call plays that work for the players in them like Spagnuolo did then that isn't a problem for a defense but somehow, Sheridan also happens to be the past linebackers coach so shouldn't the linebackers be better APARENTALLY NOT, THEY'VE GOTTEN WORSE.  I think it is time that Sheridan Goes, i think he is not qualified to be calling plays for a defense and does not have the talent or skill that a defense coordinator should at being able to make a game plan for the defense or at prepping his players. It is still beyond me why the giants chose him to replace Steve Spagnuolo, there were many other candidates who could do a much better job. I think it is in the giants best interest to replace him with someone like John Mitchell of the Steelers, Romeo Crennel, or Herm Edwards.

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