Czar Report: Texas Locks Horns on No. 1 "Destiny" Ranking, but Who's No. 2?

Henry BallSenior Analyst INovember 2, 2009

Despite the current No. 2 BCS ranking, Texas is clearly the best team in the country right now.  After shellacking back-to-back conference opponents on the road @ Missouri (41-7) then No. 14 Oklahoma State (41-14) in Stillwater, Ok on Saturday, the Longhorns are firmly in control of their own destiny. 

If they win the remaining games on their schedule, as well as the Big 12 Championship Game, they will play for the BCS Title in Pasadena, CA on Jan. 7, 2010.

Florida, who remains No. 1 in the current polls, did overcome its recent sluggishness on offense to beat Georgia (41-17) like a peach-state housewife beating the red clay dust out of a cheap Persian rug, yet the question remains—outside of the Creator’s own progeny, Tim Tebow—can the Gators depend on anything else? Do they need to? 

Mt. Cody and the beleaguered Crimson Tide had the weekend off to lick a few wounds and prepare for the showdown that is sure to determine the Western Division. 

Perhaps they had an opportunity to watch Daniel Lincoln’s replacement Chad Cunningham (Tennessee’s kicker) pick up where he left off as Cunningham’s first line drive (failed) FG attempt should have reminded the Tide just how fortunate they are to still be undefeated. 

Speaking of Lane Kiffin, he is not currently the first SEC coach (or any that I can think of) in recent memory (or ever) to be suspended for pointing out the ineptitude of college officiating, but stay tuned. 

In actual football related news; Tennessee’s dominating performance over No. 22 South Carolina (31-13) clinched the Eastern Division for the "Friends of Referees Club" chairman, Urban Myer and his fighting Tebows.

Apparently that wild herd of zebra that had been menacing big-game Gator and Elephant hunters for the last several weeks made their way to the happy hunting grounds in Big-Ten country’s Kinnik Stadium. 

No. 7 Iowa remained in the national title hunt by virtue of a bumper pool eight-ball in the side-middle-corner-other side-pocket touchdown and three of the worst officiating (and replay reviewed) calls in recent memory. 

Yet, one has to wonder if the Hawkeyes can continue to be that lucky—with seven turnovers versus Indiana in a game the Hoosiers really should have won. It’s clear that they are not THAT good! (42-24, despite being down 24-14 entering the fourth quarter.)

No. 9 LSU, the only once beaten team that could control its own destiny, continued to prepare for Saban Bowl III with a painless and uneventful scrimmage against forgotten rival, Tulane (42-0).

This one wasn’t available to the national audience, nor does it seem like ESPN or the college powers/pundits that be acknowledge the existence of the Mad Hatter and his Tigers, but they may be peaking at the right time and could become very hard to ignore after this Saturday in Tuscaloosa.

In the "come on, you had to see that coming" game of the week, the No. 10 Oregon "ugly uniformed" Ducks claimed control of the Pac-10 by demolishing the once great and No. 4 Men-now Boy's-of Troy (47-20 and it wasn't that close!).

No. 5 Cincinnati, No. 6 Boise State, and No. 8 TCU all polished off their weekly (and weakly) cupcakes to remain unbeaten and in the "please Lord, let all of the big boys lose" sweepstakes.

Yet, when it is all said and done, Texas and an undefeated or even single loss SEC team followed by an undefeated Iowa should go in ahead of any of them.

There are still four weeks to play out, and as is always the case with college football, anything can and probably will happen.  So forget about the polls, which continue to be a confusing and fickle, the Czar has listed the order of control for the top 10 teams still in the hunt for the National Title.

The Czar's Destiny Dime (Top-10 based on their destiny, assuming they win out)


1. Texas

2. Alabama

3. Florida

4. LSU

5. Iowa

6. Boise

7. Oregon - (Special shout out to the Ducks – Wow, great game against the "boy's" from Troy!)

8. TCU

9. Cincinnati

10. Georgia Tech / Penn State


By Henry Ball (a.k.a. Southern Man) Featured Columnist and Syndicated Writer

Henry contributes to the Bleacher Report, College Gameday Network and other Sports Media outlets.



Bonus Section: War for the West Coverage

Since early September The Czar report has chronicled the War for the SEC West which COULD be decided this Saturday in Tuscaloosa when Alabama’s Evil Genius meets LSU’s Mad Hatter in a showdown with no less than everything on the line.

This rivalry has really heated up with the resurgence of the once mighty Crimson Tide, led by the Tigers former head coach Nick Saban.  In what has become the annual "Saban Bowl" (Satan Bowl to the most jilted of the Tiger fan base,) the results have been split with each team winning one and both being more competitive than the "experts" thought going in.

The early trend has been for the team that is favored to win, but it has come ugly and late.  Les Miles looks to buck that trend on Saturday as the Tigers come in as the underdog and a national after thought.

Perhaps the one thing going in LSU’s favor is the fact that their coach and the team itself seem to be at its best when no one expects it.

One of the game’s prizes might be a trip to Atlanta with an opportunity to knock off the Gators and earn a trip to Pasadena but the sure thing is the annual bragging rights—both fan bases want the edge to claim supremacy in the West, which is arguably the best division of any conference in all of college football.

Both coaches will no doubt have their troops ready for the battle but Saban’s forces should prevail according to conventional wisdom.

On the other hand, Les Miles and his Tigers are anything but conventional.

For a complete preview of Saban Bowl III follow this link: Creature v Creature – LSU @ Alabama [COMING SOON!]


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