Hamilton Lays The Smackdown On The Green Riders

Brad NortonCorrespondent INovember 1, 2009

In an exciting game, (if you're a Ti-Cat fan, which I am) the Hamilton Tigercats tore apart the Roughriders, who didn't seem all that tough, as the Ti-Cats beat them across the field on route to a 24-6 win.

The team seems to be back on track and ready for the playoffs with two wins in a row.

It couldn't have come at a better time as the Ti-Cats head to Winnipeg next Sunday to face the Blue Bombers, which will determine who gets 2nd in the East and host the East Semis.

Although, Montreal is looking ready to redeem itself from last year by grabbing the Grey Cup.

However, anything can happen in the playoffs.

Anyways, back to next week and the Tigercats.

With one game left in the season, the playoff picture still remains murky with a lot of possibilities. So, I'm not even going to scratch the surface.

If I understand this right, which I'm not sure if I ever did, if Hamilton and Winnipeg end up tied at the end of the season, that eliminates the crossover possibility regardless of whether Edmonton or B.C. have a better record.

Hamilton becomes the third seed in the East and Winnipeg hosts them in the East Semis.

Anybody want to clarify? But, if Hamilton ends up with a better record then Winnipeg then the crossover definitely happens...?

Anyways, be sure to watch next weekend's games as Edmonton is in B.C., Hamilton is in Winnipeg, and Calgary is in Saskatchewan. All three games will be intense because they all have playoff implications for all six teams.

The only match-up that means nothing is Toronto vs. Montreal but even that could have a mysterious outcome, as neither team really cares if they lose that game.

Yet, they do.

Toronto is for sure out and Montreal is for sure holding the East Finals. So, either team has nothing of importance to pay for in that game, except Toronto might want to end the season on a high note and Montreal might want to make their record look all that much more astonishing.

Saturday's game saw Deandra' Cobb not only reach the century mark in rushing yards, but get 1,140 yards on the season and with one game left.

Kevin Glenn also continued his impressiveness as in three games he hasn't been sacked or thrown an interception.

Glenn has also thrown some touchdowns, continuing to show that he wants that starter spot come playoff time. I think he has seized that opportunity. Things are starting to come together again and maybe even better than before. 

We'll see if the Ti-Cats can continue their strong play next week in Winnipeg, only one of next week's game I'll be watching.