Leaving Boise State Or TCU Out of The BCS Would Be A Shame

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent INovember 1, 2009

When projecting the BCS Bowl games, one team continues to be left off.

Boise State.

This is the same team who beat Oregon. The top team in the Pac-10.

Yes, the Pac-10 is still a BCS conference.

The question I have is why can't two teams from outside of the BCS earn spots in the BCS bowls?

Let's look at the candidates for BCS Bowls

  • ACC: Georgia Tech
  • Big 12: Texas
  • Big East: Cincinnati
  • Pac-10: Oregon
  • SEC: Alabama and Florida
  • Big 10: Iowa

This gives us seven teams—6 automatic qualifiers and Florida/Alabama as an at-large. With three spots left, the following teams look to earn the last at-large spots.

  • Boise State
  • TCU
  • Penn State
  • Southern Cal
  • LSU
  • Pittsburgh

Boise State: Boise State is currently undefeated and ranked No. 5 in both polls. They're the only team to beat Oregon, the leader of the Pac-10.

TCU: TCU has gone on the road and beaten Virginia, Clemson, and BYU. They have one more game against a ranked team—Utah—in two weeks.

Penn State: Penn State has one loss to Iowa, where they were completely out-played. There best win was at Michigan. Penn State will play Ohio Sate this week.

Southern Cal: USC was boat raced by Oregon as well as being beat by Washington. They've defeated Notre Dame and Ohio Sate on the road.

LSU: LSU has only lost to Florida and plays Alabama on the road. If the Tigers win, they'll be on the fast track to an SEC Championship appearance against Florida. The Tigers would take the Alabama/Florida spot.

Pittsburgh: The Panthers are 7-1 with wins over Rutgers and Navy. They'll have to beat Cincinnati to take the Big East guaranteed spot, a chance at an at-large spot looks bleak.

After looking at the candidates it's truly a race between Southern California and Penn State for the last piece in the BCS puzzle. Boise State and TCU's resumes, as well as their records, have out-performed all comers.

If Penn State beats Ohio State, they should be the last BCS pick, if not, expect it to go to Southern California.

Here's my BCS Predictions:

Sugar Bowl: TCU v. Florida

Fiesta Bowl: Boise State v. Southern California

Orange Bowl: Georgia Tech v. Cincinnati

Rose Bowl: Iowas v. Oregon

BCS Title Game: Alabama v. Texas