Suns Preseason: Audio Interview with Paul Coro of the AZ Republic

Fanster.comCorrespondent IOctober 12, 2007

IconIt's that time of year again.

Last night was the first preseason game for the Phoenix Suns, and to celebrate we decided to beef up our AZ Sports Hub Radio Phoenix Suns Preseason Preview.

We reached out to Paul Coro, Phoenix Suns insider and reporter for The Arizona Republic. Coro also writes a fantastic blog, Coro's Suns Dish, on

Among the questions posed (audio link below):

1) Did the Shawn Marion trade talk affect the chemistry on or off the court during training camp?

2) How has Grant Hill acclimated to the up-tempo style of the Suns, and how many minutes is he expected to get in the preseason and regular season?

3) Is Brian Skinner a viable option to defend Tim Duncan? Can he really replace Kurt Thomas? Do the Hill and Skinner acquisitions put this team over the top?

5) You reported today that Amare Stoudemire will in all likelihood play in the final two preseason games. Is their any hesitation on management's part to let him get on the court ahead of schedule?

6) What should fans realistically expect this upcoming season? Is chemistry in the locker room going to be an issue?

Click here to listen.