Freshmen Forty Looking Towards The Future

Riley YapCorrespondent IOctober 31, 2009

   Wailuku – Throughout the past three years, the KS Maui JV football team has not consisted of this many freshmen.  They make up over three-fourths of this year’s junior varsity football team and they are determined to take the JV championships for the third straight year.  Could this possibly be the next generation of football stars?

Freshman Tyler MacArthur seems to think so, “We already have an educated team.  By the time we are seniors our team will be much stronger.”

This relatively young team thinks that they can take the MIL JV championship again with their strength and determination.  Although behind the confidence and ego, they admit that there is a lot of room for improvement.

“We always need more work,” said freshman, Makoa Medeiros, “No one’s ever perfect.” 

   The team looks to improve a lot on their offensive side of the ball.  Most feel that the defense is more organized than the offense, according to freshman Pono Freitas.

   The sixteen sophomores that make up the rest of the team are also excited for this upcoming season. 

“We have faith in ourselves to lead this team to victory,” said sophomore Jordan Nauka.

  Offensive lineman Joe Aguilar said that more sophomores should be a part of the junior varsity team.  “Most of the returning sophomores hold the captain positions. The freshmen are good though,” he said.

   Many of the sophomores are concerned about the lack of experience on this young team, but sophomore starting running back Kupono Cabanas, said, “I see some talent [alive in the freshmen], hopefully we can do well this year.”

   The JV team’s last game will be held on November 7th against Maui High School, which will be held at the Kana'iaupuni Stadium.