Bleacher Report NBA Fantasy League '07-'08

MiffetContributor IOctober 12, 2007


The first Bleacher Report NBA Fantasy league has been created—and is awaiting team managers to join in on the competition!

I thought to myself, why do we, the writers/editors, only get to write about sports? Why not get involved ourselves? 

Starting this season, I'll be hosting a Bleacher Report Fantasy League on

Prizes will be awarded to the top three finishers, with distribution as follows:

1st Place - $50.00

2nd Place - $25.00

3rd Place - $10.00

The funding will be provided from my own pocket, so there's no admission fee.

Now, the details...

To create your team, go to the signup page.

League Name:Bleacher Report League 07-08
League Password:basketball
League Size (teams):12
Scoring System:


ONLY 12 team managers will be appointed this year...on a first-come-first-served basis!

The scoring will be Rotisserie, NOT Head-to-Head. This means there will be NO playoffs—the overall leader at the end of the season will be the league winner. The idea is to force managers to look for diversity and depth in order to balance the points between the statistics.

Now for the draft information...

Draft Type:Live
Our Draft will last 14 rounds
Teams will go onto auto-draft after2 missed picks
Picks will be auto-drafted if not made in 90 seconds
Our draft will be on

Wed, 10/24/2007 03:00pm ET 

To elaborate: After 12 managers are assigned teams, I will randomly select the draft order. After the draft order is established, managers will be able to trade draft picks with other managers through the commissioner.

This option isn't always available in Fantasy leagues, so use it to your advantage!

And the rosters...

Starting RosterNumGames Limit
Point Guard182
Shooting Guard182
Small Forward182
Power Forward182

And the scoring system...

3 Pointers Made1
Blocked Shots1
Field Goal Percentage1
Free Throw Percentage1
Points Scored1
Steals 1


The "1" weighting means that no category is weighted heavier than another. Some leagues like to weight Points Scored heavier than 3 Pointers Made—but this league will keep these categories equally important

You can go to and sign up yourself with the information given above...but you MUST leave a comment on this article or email me at and tell me your NAME and your TEAM NAME. That way I'll be able to know who joined the league.

Once 12 managers are hired, I'll close registration and announce draft picks. From there, you'll be on your own.

I'll also be writing articles with weekly recaps and predictions for this league—just to keep everyone on Bleacher Report updated on how the league is running.

Don't miss your chance to mix it up with your Bleacher Report peers and earn some free cash!


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