Big Ten Officials Have a Case of The SEC's

Matt AlgarinContributor IOctober 31, 2009

MADISON, WI - SEPTEMBER 26: A referee picks up a yellow flag during the game between the Wisconsin Badgers and the Michigan State Spartans on September 26, 2009 at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wisconsin. Wisconsin defeated Michigan State 38-30. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
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Indiana faces an uphill battle in Iowa City as they take on the No. 4 Hawkeyes and the blundering Big Ten officials.

While watching BCS No. 4 and undefeated Iowa take on the 4-4 Indiana Hoosiers, there have been a number of questionable calls that have gone against the Hoosiers. The ever-animated Hoosiers coach  Bill Lynch, has paced the sidelines, and chewed his gum harder than any man I have ever seen.

There have been at least three blown calls that have gone against Indiana, just since I have been watching.

The Calls

The first being a disputed spot on an Indiana third down. Indiana running back Darius Willis ran to the right side of the line and appeared to be well across the yellow "first down marker", which we all know is not a given, but the ball was clearly past the 37-yard line, which would have made it a first down.

The spot by the official moved the ball back well short of where Willis landed. The spot was challenged and ultimately the spot remained. Blown call No. 1.

The next call came on a Indiana fade route to the corner of the endzone. QB Ben Chappell lofted a perfectly thrown ball, nobody but his receiver was going to catch it, which he did, and had a foot down in the back of the endzone.

Incomplete pass...

Once again the play would be reviewed. Same outcome, ruling on the field stands. Indiana would score on the next play, but that is not the point. 

Two relatively easy plays, and two blown calls.

At least the officials are two-for-two.

Number three came on a 3rd-and-6, at the Iowa eleven yard line. Chappell throws another perfect pass to Terrance Turner, who make the grab with a hand in his face and manages to drag his right leg in the endzone as he takes the defender out of bounds with him.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but once again the play would be reviewed.

Can you guess the outcome?

The ruling on the field of a touchdown was overturned. Now the officials are a perfect three-for-three.


While Indiana may have a legitimate gripe on these calls, they cannot be used as excuses. Iowa's Ricky Stanzi has helped them as much as he can by throwing for five interceptions on the day.

And Iowa is Still up by four and threatening again.

Iowa may not be playing their best game—it can be said that maybe they have a little help on their side—but this is how a champion and an undefeated team wins.

Iowa has been winning ugly all season long, and this game is no exception.

Indiana has completely imploded in the fourth quarter. They have not been able to get anything going and have allowed Iowa to come all the way back and take the lead.

If Iowa wants to be viewed as a legitimate BCS title contender, QB Ricky Stanzi is going to have to clean up his game. You are not going to throw five interceptions against Ohio State in two weeks and leave Columbus with a victory.


Does college football want to take care of their darlings and current Cinderella story?

While I personally do not believe in conspiracy theories, it begs to ask the question. Witness the mysterious calls in the Florida-Arkansas game that have gotten national attention, those officials have also been suspended by the league.

It seems to be an ever growing trend with all the blown calls and the mysterious calls that have been making there way into college football lately.

They say things could always be worse...

I don't know that this is something I want to see getting any worse.

I would love to know your opinion on the Iowa-Indiana calls.