Game 2 NBA Finals: Lakes and Celtics Get Personal

Kevin DevineContributor IJune 8, 2008

This marks the 11th Finals Meeting between the Los Angles Lakers and Boston Celtics. But the first since 1987. Boston is sitting as a 1 to 1 1/2 point favorites down from the 3 point favorite from game Game 1 . The total is sitting at 190.5 . Game 1 was turning out to be a classic game for the books until the 4th quarter approached and the Lakers seemed to buckle.

L.A. was ahead by 5 at half , shooting better then 50% from the field and a 16-4 turnover ratio, Kobe was a non factor.

The Celtics turned it around in the second , Celtics started hitting shots. Pierce came through in the second scoring 18 points and helping Garnetts poor shooting half. The Celtics showed why they were the number 1 defense this year turning the lakers 16-4 turnover ratio in the first half to a 5-4 ratio.

The match ups in this game were shown on center stage. Home court was a definite advantage for the Celtic's as they were 35-6 during the season and 11-1 during playoffs. The C's had +13 rebounding advantage as well. On the other hand, the point guard position was dominated by Derek Fisher, as well as the Lakers transition defense which prevented the C's fast break offense.

Game 2 is obviously going to be a interesting one. I'm waiting to see how Peirce steps up from his knee injury. Peirce was seen hobbling off the court after game one. And his quote says something:

"I thought I tore something -- that's the way I felt at the time. Usually when I go down, I'm getting right back up, but it was an instance where I turned my knee and it popped, and I was just in pain where I couldn't move."

The Lakers are going to have to make some adjustments for Game 2, since acquiring Pau Gasol the Lakers have hit 9 more the 3-pointers a game shooting 38.6 %. The factor for Game 2 will have to be Kobe Bryant. In Game 1 Kobe only scored 4 of his 24 in the fourth quarter.