Richard FloodContributor IOctober 31, 2009

CHICAGO - SEPTEMBER 23:  (L-R) Offensive Coordinator Ron Turner and Head coach Lovie Smith of the Chicago Bears talk on field during pregame against the Dallas Cowboys at Soldier Field on September 23, 2007 in Chicago, Illinois.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Does Lovie Smith exemplify the tradition of Chicago Bears football? Or has his supposed "even-keeledness" been exposed as lack of passion, intensity and managerial incompetence? Would #91 get away with his b.s. under Papa Bear Halas, Iron Mike Ditka, or even Buddy Ryan? Coach Smith's mental lapses at critical moments of games are now the norm--defenders are more often than not out of position, and even when in a position to make a play, don't...but why?


First and foremost, Lovie Smith and his beloved Cover 2 are soft and have been exposed as such on national T.V. twice this year within six games. Tackling is one of the two fundamentals of football, yet under Smith's system defender's are taught that tackling is not as important as stripping the ball. The Cover 2 (Tampa) puts a premium on lighter, faster defenders, which equates to soft tackling. The defensive units of prior sub-500 Bears defenses were more respectable in that they played and hit hard for 60 minutes, win or lose, week in and week out. At least every opponent left the field "lumped up." Opponents definitely weren't laughing their way off the field, as is the case now under the soft and cuddly "Lovie" Bears.


So now if Babich is the Defensive Coordinator, why is Coach Smith calling the defensive plays? Once again, his stubbornness seems to prevail over good reason. Perhaps Babich doesn't buy into Smith's reactionary and predictable schemes and has been demoted to Def. Coor. in name only. In any event, the defensive unit is getting steamrolled lately and they all must share the blame.


As for Ron Turner, the only thing that he has shown is the ability to ruin talented offensive players careers. Grossman, Orton, Benson, Berrian; all seemed to be underachievers while here. Turner is not qualified to coach in the NFL, period. Simple NFL math is as follows: Good Players + Bad Coaches = Losing Team. This is how Smith and his band of misfits in the Bears coaching staff make good players look mediocre and decent players look bad.


With this said, it is also unlikely that the Bears will do the right thing and eat the remainder of the misfits contracts and bring in qualified help. These are bad times for the Bears fans.