Smackdown: Bound For Greatness Episode 4!

anonymous guyCorrespondent IOctober 31, 2009

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to WWE Smackdown Bound for Greatness! My name is Anonymous Guy and I am here to bring you all the most exciting hard hitting Smackdown Storylines that I can come up with. I'm joined in this glorious series by three veteran writers of the B/R Community.

Raw's own Greg Bush

ECW's own Kevin Canny

TNA's own Adrian Stahle

Well now that you know my crew, let's get this show on the road!

The show opens showing the recap of Shane and Vince McMahon laying down the law on The Undertaker. The show then cuts to slow motion as the McMahons get chokeslammed. The screen fades to black then quickly revamps and shows the furious McMahons and CM Punk coming up with a plan to get back at Taker. It then plays sad music as the whole beatdown replays and ends with the whole Corporation looking scared as a casket burns in the distance.

All of a sudden Vince McMahon's theme plays as he comes down to the ring... ALONE!

Vince: Yeah baby! How did you like that, huh BIG SHOT! Do you think that you are bigger than this business? Do you think that you're bigger than CM Punk? Do you think that you are bigger than me? I know the answer to your questions Deadman! Yes, you do think that you are bigger than the WWE, bigger than Punk, and even more confusing, you think you're bigger than ME!

I'll tell ya what Deadman, I'm bigger than both you and this damned business put together, I'm VINCENT KENNEDY MCMAHON DAMMIT! At Bragging Rights this Sunday, our great World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk will rip you into little pieces like he did your damned brother KANE!

And after he's beaten you down, both me and my son Shane will raise CM Punk's hands in total victory and we will end your reign of terror and destruction for good! Undertaker, you need to realize, what we did to your brother last week is just a preview of what's going to happen to you come Sunday! Deadman, you and your career will REST IN PEACE FOR GOOD!!!

(Vince's theme plays as he struts his way to the back with a chorus of booes following him along the way.)

Justin Roberts slowly makes his way into the ring.

Roberts: The following match is a King Of The Ring qualification match! Introducing first, all the way from the Carribean, weighing in at 238 pounds, Carlito!

(Carlito makes his way down to the ring with his hair in his face and in his old short trunks. He looks alot more focused than usual.)

And his opponent hailing from the ATL, weighing in at 241 pounds, he is Slam Master J!

(J comes out dancing around, yet the crowd actually pops big for him! This one could get interesting.)

Singles Match

King Of The Ring Qualifying Match

Carlito vs Slam Master J

Both men meet in the center of the ring. J does some sort of dance and offers his hand out to Carlito. Carlito shakes his hand, but as soon as J tries to walk away, Carlito anks him back and nearly knocks his head off with a clothesline! J goes down hard and rolls out onto the floor.

Carlito waits for a moment and J stumble up to his feet. Carlito bonces off of the ropes and delivers a huge baseball slide to the face of J. Carlito then gets him up to his feet and rams him head first into the steel steps! Carlito keeps yelling at him and calling him Knox!

Carlito begins to viciously stomp the head and chest of J. Carlito rolls into the ring and rolls back out to reset the count. Carlito gets J up and picks him up as if he's going to suplex him, but he drops him forward across the steps! Carlito rolls in and resets the count again.

Carlito then gets J and rolls him halfway into the ring with the upper-half of his body hanging out of the ring and the rest inside the ring. Carlito rolls him on his chest and then Carlito goes onto the apron. Carlito hops up and drops both of he knees onto the back of J.

J rolls into the ring screaming in agony. Carlito just gets back into the ring emotionless. Carlito then gets J up to his feet and hits the Back-Stabber! He goes for the cover, 1-2-3! It's done and Carlito has qualified for the King Of The Ring Tournament!

Smackdown's Participants are shown on the titantron:

1. Rey Mysterio

2. Mike Knox

3. Carlito

We cut to commercial.

We return with Michelle McCool in the ring.

Roberts: The following contest is for the No. 1 Contendership for the Women's Championship Title! Currently in the ring from Palakta, Florida, former Women's Champion and the very first WWE Diva to have ever won both the Women's Title and the Diva's Title, Michelle McCool!

On her way to the ring from Los Angeles, California Melina!

No. 1 Contendership for the Women's Title

Singles Match

Michelle McCool vs Melina

Both women lock up and Melina gets the better of the two and locks in a headlock, but McCool locks in a hammer lock. Melina backs McCool into a corner. She reaches back and flips McCool over with a snapmare and locks in a sleeper hold. McCool rolls around for a bit before she locks in a hammer lock. Melina reaches out her legs and wraps her legs around the bottom rope.

The ref counts, 1..2..3..4 McCool finally releases the lock, but she stomps the head of Melina. She then gets Melina up to her feet and throws her into a corner. McCool then hits a measured elbow shot to the chin of Melina. McCool grabs Melina throws her into the opposite corner hard causing Melina to hit the turnbuckle chest first.

Melina stumbles out backwards and McCool runs and hits a big time boot to the back of Melina's head! She shoots the half and goes for the cover, 1..2.. Melina's foot is under the bottom rope causing the ref to stop the count. McCool is yelling for Melina to give up.

McCool then gets up and bounces off of the ropes and drops a quick knee drop to the back of the head of Melina. She goes for another cover, 1..2 Melina just barely kicks out! McCool then drags Melina to the center of the ring. McCool climbs up to the top rope.

She jumps high and far for a big time leg drop, but Melina rolls out of the way at the lat minute! Both women are down and the ref begins his count, 1..2..3..4..5..6..7 Melina is the first up to her feet. Both Melina and McCool rocking back and forth begin to trade right handed punches with each other.

McCool won the battle and kicked Melina in the sternum. She gets her set for her finisher, but Melina hits a big time back body drop. McCool slowly gets up and charges at Melina, but Melina does her Matrix back bend and kicks McCool in the face. McCool stumbles backwards into a corner.

Melina gets to her feet and screams as she runs to McCool and hits a huge monkey flip out of the corner, but McCool lands on her feet! As soon as Melina turns around, McCool tries to kick her in the face with the big boot, but Melina ducks it! Melina goes for a school boy pin attempt, but McCool locks in a triangle choke!

Melina drains out slowly. The ref checks the lifeless Melina, 1..2.. Melina out of no where flips the hold into a bridge pin, but McCool still has the hold locked in, 1-2-3! Melina TAPS OUT! The ref never saw it!

The ref raises Melina's hand in victory, but another ref comes out and tells the original ref something. He goes and raises McCool's hand in the air. The replay pops up and it clearly shows Melina tapping out at the same time that the ref counted the 3!

Out comes Shane McMahon and Natalya.

Shane: Hey guys, you wont be needed here any longer. This message is for both Melina and Michelle McCool!

Natalya: While I was in the back puking my guts out at you guys match, I did see something worth noting, so I went to Shane's office and I picked who I wated to fight come Sunday.

At this Sunday's Bragging Rights Pay Per View, I will be putting my title on the line against... Michelle McCool and Melina! Ha-ha-ha that's right baby, at Bragging Rights it's going to be me, the Women's Champion, Natalya versus Michelle McCool versus Melina!


McCool: No way, you pink wearing slut. You owe me my one-on-one rematch for MY title! You didn't think I would forget the way you came and stole my title a few weeks ago did you? I still owe you one hell of an ass kicking for that!

Melina: Whoa, whoa, whoa... YOU'RE TITLE?! If I remeber correctly, I was happily kicking your blonde ass at the top of that ladder until that little bimbo screwed me over! I deserve my one-on-one shot against her!

Natalya: Ha! The funny thing about that is that the both of you actually think that you could beat me one-on-one. Regardless if its one-on-a hundred, I will still walk out of Bragging Rights as WWE Women's Champion, YEAH BABY!

(Natalya's theme plays as she along with Shane walk to the back. Melina and McCool stare each other down as we cut to commercial.)

We return with the McMahon's in Shane's office.

Vince: I can't wait till this Sunday. Every single Smackdown Title will belong to the Corporation!

The Undertaker will be history, Mike Knox will be crowned King Of The Ring by Chris Jericho, Natalya's going to crush those sluts and retain her Women's Title, Dolph Ziggler is going to stop John Morrison once and for all and retain his Intercontinental Title, and last but not least, The Corporate Dynasty will be the new Unified Tag Team Champs!

Bragging Rights is going to be like Christmas for us my boy!

Shane: Oh you haven't even seen the rest of it, we have two more possible members joining us later on tonight dad!

(The camera cuts away to Dolph Ziggler.)

Dolph: Hello, I'm the Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler! Lately, all I've been hearing from everybody is, John Morrison is going to end your reign this Sunday, John Morrison is the future of the WWE, well tonight I'm going to prove to the world that I am the best in the world and that I am the future.

(The camera then zooms out to see him standing next to Mike Knox.)

Because when we take on Rey Mysterio and Batista tonight, we will eliminate two of the most powerful stars in WWE history! So Morrison, I want you to find yourself a great seat tonight and just watch the destruction of your so-called veterans as we put them to rest!

(The camera then cuts to Matt Hardy walking in the hallway on his way to the ring as the commentators announce that the next match is a singles match between Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho. We cut to commercial.)    

We return with Justin Roberts in the ring.

Roberts: The following match-up is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first he is one half of the WWE Unified Champions, he is the 2008 Superstar of the Year! Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Chris Jericho!

(Jericho comes out to the ring with a look of displeasure on his face. He slowly gets into the ring and grabs the microphone.)

Jericho: You are looking at the greatest WWE Superstar in the history of this company. All of you along with Mr. McMahon needs to realize that having a King Of The Ring Tournament without me, is like buying a multi-billion dollar company without any business experience, it's just plain idiotic!

I am the best in the world at what I do. I don't need any one to help me to do a damn thing. Mr. McMahon you place me in an almost unbeatable situation for this Sunday at Bragging Rights against The Corporate Dynasty and Cryme Tyme for my Unified Tag Team Title!

How dare you? You know my accomplishments, you know what I can do, and you know what I'm capable of. Hell it should be me going one-on-one with the Undertaker this Sunday and not CM Punk. I mean come on, let's face it, we can all look at him and see how much of a hypocrite that he is.

(A frozen picture of CM Punk pops up on the screen.)

Look at him, with his puffy eyes, pierced face, and black fingernails. He looks like a drug addict. He acts like a drug addict. And just like all of you, he's a hypocrital peasant that doesn't even deserve to lace up my boots! Next we have my tag team partner... The Big Show!

(A frozen picture of The Big Show pops up on the screen.)

Show, I've taken you under my wing and taught you everything you know. I took this big, slow, sluggish freak of nature and turned him into a CHAMPION! I saw that my old partner was lagging power and durability so I traded him for a gigantic durable beast, snd turned that beast into a CONTENDER!

Without me, my partner would still be getting humiliated, disgraced, annihilated, and discombobulated each and every week. I MADE THE BIG SHOW! And last week he decides to defy me by shaking the hands of our opponents? I doubt he understood exactly what he did, as he isn't that smart to begin with.

Even though he does have his faults, he is a great asset to my success. All I know, is that Show had better not cost me any match come Sunday. I'll be very unimpressed if I have to personally crown the next King Of The Ring.

So Show, I know that you are currently watching at home, so while I'm fighting tonight, I want you to pay attention to my match and learn a few pointers. I will show each and every one of you why I'm the true leader of JeriShow!

(All of a sudden, Matt Hardy's theme plays and he comes out to a thunderous pop!)

Exibition Match

Singles Match

Chris Jericho vs Matt Hardy

Both men meet in the center of the ring. Jericho begins trash talking Hardy. He then pushes Hardy. Hardy smiles and pushes back. Jericho then pushes Hardy in the face and Hardy just laughs and so does Jericho. As soon as Hardy turns to Jericho, Jericho pushes him in the face again.

Hardy then out of no where punches the hell out of Jericho that sounds off all across the arena. Jericho stumbles backwards into a corner and Hardy runs over to him and begins to rain down right and left handed punches to the head of Jericho. The crowd gets pumped as Hardy backs away from Jericho.

Hardy then runs hard and delivers a dangerous elbow shot to the side of the head of Jericho causing him to slowly walk out of the corner and fall down flat on his face. He goes for the cover, 1..2.. Jericho kicks out and quickly rolls out of the ring. As soon as Jericho gets up to his feet, Hardy hits a suicide dive onto Jericho and pumps up the crowd as we cut to commercial.

We return with Jericho having Hardy locked in a camel clutch. Jericho is screaming for Hardy to tap, but he wont give in. Hardy somehow slowly gets up with Jericho on his back and jumps backwards onto Jericho! Both men are down as the ref begins to count.

1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9 Hardy is the first to his feet and both he and Jericho begin trading blows. Jericho tries for the Code Breaker, but Hardy holds on to the top rope and rolls Jericho up for the cover, 1..2..

Jericho kicks out and quickly gets up to his feet. Jericho then tries to kick Hardy in the sternum, but Hardy just catches his foot. Jericho hops for a small bit and hits a big time enziguri! He goes for the cover hooking both legs, 1..2..

Hardy kicks out and Jericho is shocked! Jericho thn gets to his feet and waits for Hardy. As soon as Hardy turns around Jericho charges at Hardy, but Hardy ducks the clothesline attempt and hits one hell of a Twist-of-Fate! He goes for the cover, 1-2-...

Out of no where Drew McIntyre pulls the ref out of the ring and then runs to the back with Hardy looking extremely pissed. The ref then gets into the ring and rules the match a no contest! Jericho looking exhausted grabs his belts and heads to the backas the crowd is visibly disappointed.

We cut to commercial.

We return with Justin Roberts in the ring.

Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming our World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk!

(Punk's theme hits and he along with the McMahons come down to the ring in business suits. Punk has some shades on as well. All men slowly enter the ring and CM Punk grabs a microphone.)

Punk: Thank you, thank you, thank you for that lovely heart-felt welcome into your city and into your homes. I really don't need an introduction as you all know who I am, but for all of you in-bred hillbilly hicks out here in Nashville, Tennessee, let me refresh your memory.

I am the first ever Straight Edged World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk!

(He holds his title in the air as the crowd booes him, but the McMahons are applauding him.)

This Sunday is the moment of truth for me. This Sunday I finally get my chance to prove to the entire world of addicts, drunks, and druggies that I don't need a damn bit of enhancement formula to cripple and dismantle The Undertaker!

That's the spoiler for this Sunday at Bragging Rights folks, I, CM Punk, am going to end The Undertaker's reign of terror, his reign of destruction, and while his Wrestlemania streak may still be intact, I will personally make sure that he will never and I do mean never make another Wrestlemania appearance for as long as he lives.

You see, I'm not only going to beat the living hell out of The Undertaker, but after I pin him 1-2-3, I'm going to call the boys out from the back and we're going to have ourselves a good ole Corporate party over The Undertaker's lifeless body and make sure that the WWE will never have to hear that damn gong agian!

Now Taker, I know you are extremely pissed about what me and my Corporation did to your litte brother last week. The absolute best part about that situation is that you were helpless to do anything about it. We had you gripped by those dead ball sacks of yours and you couldn't do anything about it!

Ha-ha... Could you all believe it?! We had and still currently have power over the Deadman and he can't do a damn thing about it! I am the Straight Edged World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk and I am the Deadman's DEMON THAT WILL NEVER DIE!

(The McMahons appluad him and begin to shake his hand while his theme plays. All of a sudden the druids theme begins to play as the crowd pops big time. The druids come out to the ring bringing a casket. CM Punk looks confused and the McMahons begin to question each other.)

CM Punk gets out of the ring and tries to fight the druids, but the lights go out. When they come back on, the druids are gone, but The Undertaker is in the ring behind the McMahons! As soon as they turn around, he picks them up and delivers a double chokeslam!

CM Punk looks on in disbelief and drops to his knees taking his shades off and forcefully grabbing his own hair. The Undertaker then gets Mr. McMahon up on his shoulders and stares into the eyes of Punk and delivers a hellacious Tombstone! Punk shuts his eyes and looks back into the ring.

The Undertaker then gets Shane up on his shoulders and looks into the eyes of Punk again, but out comes the Corporation armed with weapons. As soon as they get half way down the ramp, the lights go out and thunder strikes the ramp causing every man except Punk and the McMahons to retreat to the back.

Taker then delivers a Tombstone to Shane O' Mac! Punk slowly gets up to his feet and slowly begins to walk up te ramp.

Undertaker: Punk, before you leave, I want you to open that casket as it is your fate come Sunday at Bragging Rights! I promise you that after the dust has settled and after I have you in my grasps I will make sure that you will...

(CM Punk opens the casket and he sees himself laying in the casket wearing the same exact suit that he is currently wearing! Punk flips out and screams in terror as he stumbles backwards up the ramp! The Undertaker is holding the title up in the air...)


(The Undertaker's theme plays as he stares a cold stare into Punk's terrified eyes. The Undertaker then gets on one knee and does his usual pose as we cut to commercial.)

We return with Justin Roberts in the ring.

Roberts: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a tag team match up!

(All of a sudden Rey Mysterio's theme hits and both he and Batista make their ways t the ring to an amazing pop!)

And their opponents, representing the Corporation, the Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler, and Mike Knox!

(Ziggler's theme hits and he along with Knox come down to the ring.)

Exibition Match

Tag Team Match

Dolph Ziggler and Mike Knox vs Rey Mysterio and Batista

As soon as the bell rings, John Morrison's theme hits and he comes out in street clothes and the crowd pops huge for him! He comes out and shake the hands of Batista and Mysterio. He then exits the ring and goes on commentary.

Mysterio and Ziggler starts the match off. Both men lock up and Ziggler gets the best of Mysterio and takes him down with a head lock take down. Mysterio wraps his legs around the neck of Ziggler. Ziggler then flips forward and locks Mysterio in a bridge pin,1..2 Mysterio grabs the waist of Ziggler and both men rise up off of the mat.

Mysterio then spins the hold around and goes for a backslide pin, 1..2.. Ziggler flips out and flips Mysterio on his back with a monkey flip. Ziggler then rolls backwards and pins Mysterio's hands down to the mat, 1..2.. Mysterio gets one of his shoulders up off of the mat and rolls the hold over and tries to pin down Ziggler's hands.

But Ziggler puts his feet on the sternum of Mysterio and pushes him up to his feet. As soon as Ziggler gets up to his feet Mysterio runs up to him and hits a big time hurricanrana sending Ziggler out to the floor mat. Ziggler slowly gets up to his feet and Mysterio hits a great springboard splash onto Ziggler. Mysterio pumps up the crowd as we cut commercial.

We return with Mike Knox standing on the back of Mysterio as the ref begins to count, 1..2...3.. Knox releases him and goes over and says something to Batista. Batista gets riled up and Ziggler grabs Mysterio and holds him up in the corner as the ref is trying to control Batista. Knox rushes over and boots the crap out of Mysterio!

Mysterio falls down to the mat. Knox tags in Ziggler and he comes in and delivers three quick leg drops to the back of the head of Mysterio, he goes for the cover, 1..2.. Mysterio kicks out and Ziggler locks in a sleeper hold as the ref checks on the fading Mysterio. 1..2.. Batista gets the crowd pumped and behind Mysterio!

Mysterio slowly begins to fight his way back up to his feet. Mysterio then begins to elbow the sternum of Ziggler and finally he releases the hold. Mysterio bounces off of the ropes and gets hit hard with a knee shot! Ziggler pulls back on Mysterio and goes for the cover, 1..2..

Mysterio kicks out and Ziggler quickly gets up and drags the lifeless Mysterio into his corner. Knox tags himself in and drops a huge elbow drop across the chest of Mysterio, he goes for the cover, 1..2.. Mysterio just barely kicks out. Knox gets up to his feet and looks Batista square in his eyes.

He then gets Mysterio up to his feet and throws him off of the ropes as soon as Mysterio comes back Knox almost knocks his head off with a clothesline! He goes for another cover, 1..2.. Mysterio's foot gets on the bottom rope. Knox gets up then gets Mysterio up to his feet, he throws Mysterio off of the ropes.

When Mysterio returns, Knox tries the bicycle kick, but Mysterio ducks the shot and spring boards off of the second rope and hits a moonsault into a reverse ddt! Both men are down and the crowd begins to pump up! 1..2..3..4..5..6..7 Knox tags in Ziggler who runs over to Mysterio and grabs his leg.

Mysterio slowly gets up to his feet and pops an enziguri shot to the side of Ziggler's head! Mysterio dives and tags in Batista! The Animal is unleashed as he cleans house, but out of no where here comes The Corporate Dynasty! They surround the ring and Shane's face pops up on the titantron.

Shane: Before anyone does anything, this match is now a no disqualification match! And by the way Batista before you think that both you and Rey-Rey have this match won, let me introduce to you the Corporations newest aquisitions, Mark Henry and MVP!

(Both men come out in street clothes and the crowd booes loudly.)

The ring is now surrounded and Batista and Mysterio are back to back. The Corporate Dynasty and MVP and Mark Henry all get into the ring. Ziggler and Knox gets up and Morrison slides in. All of a sudden a huge fight ensues and MVP and Mark Henry are attacking The Corporate Dynasty!

Mysterio jumps over the top rope and lands on all four men. Morrison then hits the flying chuck on Ziggler and they both go to the outside. Knox turns to Batista who delivers a spear! Batista pumps up and gets Knox up in the air and hits a huge Batista Bomb! He goes for the cover, 1-2-3! Its over and the Corporation is laid out!

Morrison, Mysterio, Mark Henry, MVP, and Batista all are in the ring celebrating together as they all raise there hands in victory! The crowd is going wild and The Corporation are barely making their ways up the ramp as the show closes with Batista's theme plays.

Thanks for reading every one and don't forget to read for Bragging Rights this Sunday!

Bragging Rights Card:

1. World Heavyweight Championship Match:

The Undertaker vs CM Punk(c)

Guest Referee: Shane McMahon

Guest Time Keeper: Vince McMahon


2. WWE World Championship Match:

John Cena(c) vs Jack Swagger

3. King Of The Ring:

Carlito vs Tyler Reks

Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Masters

Mike Knox vs Chavo Guererro

Evan Bourne vs Rey Mysterio w/ Batista

4. ECW World Heavyweight Championship Match:

William Regal(c) vs Zack Ryder

5. Intercontinental Championship Match:

Dolph Ziggler vs John Morrison

6. Unified Tag Team Championship Match:

Chris Jericho and The Big Show vs The Corporate Dynasty vs Cryme Tyme

If Chris Jericho and The Big Show lose, Jericho must crown the new King Of The Ring.


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