WWE Survivor Series 2009: The Many Roads The World Title Match Can Take

Wrestling UncoveredCorrespondent IOctober 30, 2009

Survivor Series 2009...the PPV is approaching and fast. As of right now, the event has only two matches on the card, both of them heavyweight title matches.

On the Raw side of things, we have a triple-threat match featuring John Cena, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H. On the Smackdown side, we have a triple-threat match featuring The Undertaker, Big Show, and Chris Jericho. These two matches have something in common besides both being for world titles and both being triple threats.

Both contain a tag team.

Let us first look at the RAW side...

John Cena is the champion going into the event. He has feuded with both Triple H and Shawn Michaels in the past and he has beaten both of them. In fact, he beat them in some of the better matches of his career (especially his matches with Shawn Michaels, which may find themselves on a Cena DVD release sometime in the future).

However, the true attention grabber comes in the form of Shawn Michaels and Triple H. The two make up Degeneration X and are long-time friends. They came together very recently to form the latest incarnation of DX and have been on fairly solid ground for the last two years or so. However, I doubt that friendship will last considering what is on the line.

Triple H and Michaels have shown that they will not hesitate to put their friendship on the line for the world title. It has happened before and I have no doubt it will happen again. The question is which one will make the first move. I can't answer that because in all honestyI'm not sure. But whoever attempts to turn on the other first will experience a sure heel turn. 

I say attempt because I doubt with every fiber of my being it is possible to turn either Triple H or Shawn Michaels truly heel ever again, simply because they are so over with the crowd. But as it stands, there is no heel in this match and a turn by either partner will fill that spot nicely.

Looking back to Cena, it is very possible he will be the one to turn heel. Many may say no to that, but considering the recent turn by Batista, it is very possible and if there is anyone on Raw you could turn Cena heel against it would have to be DX. I spend so little time looking at a Cena heel turn because while it is possible, I see a turn by Shawn or Triple H much more likely.

Turning to the Smackdown side....

The Undertaker goes into this match as the champion and one of the best to ever step in the ring. His challengers are the current undisputed tag team championsThe Big Show and Chris Jericho. There is no doubt in my mind that, assuming this match remains as it is, JeriShow will end at survivor series.

Chris Jericho and The Big Show are only business partners and Big Show made it rather clear on RAW that his career means more to him than his partnership with Chris Jericho. They will likely end up dropping the titles before the event or soon after. I am at a loss for who they will drop them too, I just pray it isn't Cryme Tyme, who I will never be able to take seriously as champions.

As it stands, the Big Show is currently a RAW superstar, but do not expect that to last long. After his betrayal of RAW at Bragging Rights, it seems to me that Big Show is not welcome in the RAW locker room. Do not be surprised if Big Show negotiates with Long a trade to Smackdown.

As for how the match will end, well I see the match ending with either The Undertaker retaining or Jericho winning the championship. With either ending it will likely lead to a short program between Big Show and Jericho, which will carry Jericho to Edge returning.

However, assuming Big Show does not get traded to Smackdown, there is no doubt in my mind Undertaker will retain. Jericho will then begin a program with the Undertaker which will occupy him until the return of Edge.

Right now there are so many possibilities that it really perks one's interest. Most of these possibilities will likely be eliminated as we get closer to the event, but it will be fun to watch. For the first time in a while I'm fairly interested in the series of events leading to a PPV.