Top 10 Basketball Halloween Customes

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Top 10 Basketball Halloween Customes
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Tonight is Halloween and if you are like me, you still don’t have a costume. No need to worry, I have you covered. Have no fear, Jaime is here.

I have put together for you a list of the top 10 basketball related costumes in no particular order:

10. Dress up as a Laker. What is a Laker? Exactly.

9. Get the jersey for ___________________ (fill in the blank with a plethora of NBA players to choose from) and carry guns around all night.

8. Go as David Stern circa 1985 with the mustache and everything.

David Stern mustache1

7. Get a sideshow bob costume and dress up as Joakhim Noah.

sideshow_bob Joakim Noah

6. Dress up as Wojo (or any Duke player) and slap the floor everywhere you go and cry after every loss. If a friend happens to fall down, you sprint over to them and pick them up. Clapping is a must at all times.

duke slapping floor wojo slapping floor

5. Go as Lebron. Carry around plenty of baby powder, pour into your hands, and throw it up in the air everywhere you go.

4. Dress up as one of these retired NBA players. If you can pull off the costume, you deserve to be the wardrobe director for the next Star Wars movie.

sam-cassell tyrone_hill david wood

3. Get your friends together and go as the Fab Five. Just sucks two of you have to be Ray Jackson and Jimmy King. What kind of fight would ensue to be Jalen Rose?

fab five

2. I plan on being at a bar and drinking on Halloween. Therefore, my Halloween costume for Michael Beasley is now complete.

michael beasley

1. Wear a Curious Case of Benjamin button costume and say you are Greg Oden.

greg oden curious case

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