The Awful Experience With Michigan Fans

Megan KlockContributor IOctober 30, 2009

The trip to Michigan last weekend was quite an experience for Penn State fans.  After ending the losing streak at the Big House, they had a reason to come home happy. 

Although the day turned out to be in favor of Penn Staters, there was one thing that they had a complaint about during their time there.  Does it come as a surprise when I say Michigan fans?

A few of my friends made the trip to Michigan last weekend, and when asked how their experience went, they all agreed it was a blast, except for the immaturity of the Michigan fans.  I was a little surprised after hearing stories from people that made their way to the game.

Christina, a current junior, made the trip with a friend and came back with quite a bad impression of the opposing fans. 

"We were shocked at how disrespectful the Michigan fans were. We had a right to be there as Penn State fans to support our team, and it was incredible how they were personally attacking us. Most of the Michigan students would “boo” us, but the adult fans were the ones whose behavior was most surprising. They were swearing and even pushing us out of line. They clearly were taking advantage of the fact that we were young students. In the end it was a really fun experience and when we were winning, the Michigan fans were a lot nicer, which made it a much better end to the game."

Another current senior named Mike attended the game with his dad.  He gave me a brief description of what game day was like for him.

 “The actual tailgating experience was fun, for the Penn Staters at least. The Michigan tailgates around us were pretty weak and rather tame. There were more "We are...Penn State" chants going around than the "Go...BLUE!" that the Michigan supporters cheered.  Once the game started, it was on. I was in the Penn State section, but there were plenty of Michigan fans in our section as well. Michigan fans tried to say "Michigan!" after our "We are" chants, but were outnumbered in our section. Once we had the game well in hand in the fourth quarter, we were showing our pride by yelling out the "We are...Penn State!" to other fans, and exiting Michigan fans were flipping us off. Overall, it seemed like Michigan fans took our "We are...Penn State" chants as an insult, and it resulted in a less than classy response from them. If I could take anything from the experience, I'd say that our "We are...Penn State" chant trumps the "Go Blue" chant any day of the week.”

Another fan that attended last year’s match-up against Michigan recalls how obnoxious their fans were in Beaver Stadium.

“I sat next to the Michigan section last year, and it was to a point where one of their fans was taken by security and kicked out.”

Getting kicked out of the away team’s stadium?  Way to represent.

While it is obvious that there will always be words exchanged between rival teams and their fans, there is a difference between being passionate for your team and acting out of hand. 

The great thing about being in Happy Valley for Penn State tailgates is being around the atmosphere of our fans.  Yeah, we may throw some comments at the opposing team, who doesn’t?   But I have been to many tailgates where our fans have been very inviting to the visiting fans and always make sure to show our pride in an appropriate manner.

So all I have left to say is stay classy, Penn State fans.  And as for Michigan, well take a few notes.