Orlando Magic's JJ Redick To Release a Rap Album: You're Kidding, Right?

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Orlando Magic's JJ Redick To Release a Rap Album: You're Kidding, Right?
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It's a Thursday in late October, and there is a World Series Game, two NBA games, seven NHL games, and a Top 25 college football game going on this evening.  Yet, regardless of what happens in any of those 11 contests, none of them will produce the most shocking headline of the day. 

"Orlando Magic's JJ Redick Releasing Rap Album."

Naturally, when I first saw the headline I assumed it was a joke.  It very well might turn out to be, but as far as I can see doing some extensive research (read: google searches), this appears to be legitimate.  

"According to Redick, he’s part of a 'rap super group' that will release a new single before the end of the year titled 'Waste Management'."  The group does not yet have a name, but still hopes to drop their song before the year's end.

“We’re not taking ourselves to seriously," Redick went on to say. "We have some influences, and when you hear our sound eventually, you’ll pick them up right away.”

If you had showed me a headline that said "NBA Star to Release Rap Album", Redick would have been the 445th person on my list of potential rappers.  I'm not sure what he is trying to accomplish here, as I find it hard to believe that anyone will take this venture of his seriously. 

However, in the interest of fairness (even to a Dukie), I'll reserve judgment until the single and/or album actually comes out.  At that point, when the public is able to hear it, we can talk about how ridiculous this really is.

This article originally posted on Cubicle GM .

All quotes taken from allhiphop.com

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