Mike Randall: The William Wallace of Cleveland Browns Nation

A AContributor IOctober 29, 2009

Alright, well maybe William Wallace is a little much, but the man is the definition of a die-hard fan.  I mean come on, the guy only wants the team he loves to do well, so that is sort of like Wallace and Scotland eh? For those of you who do not know, Mike Randall is one of the two men behind the "Brown Out" that is planned for the Monday Night Football game when the Browns host the Ravens on November. Randall is another die hard fan, just like myself, but what we do not have in common is the sphere of influence our fan-hood has.

Some of you may remember the beloved "Charlie's Frye's Guys"? Well Randall was one of those people. He also has another more famous alias, "Dawg Pound Mike". This is one man who takes in fan-hood to an entire other level. Randall has been all over the news today, for his involvement in organizing the Brown Out, which generated a response from Randy Lerner (Who technically could be the King of England in this story, that's ironic), who happens to be an acquaintance of Randall. 

As a response to Randall's protest, much like William Wallace and his "sacking of York", Lerner responded with an e-mail to Browns fans. Although the e-mail did touch on several points of Brown fan's concerns (You can see the full e-mail here http://www.ohio.com/sports/browns/67176022.html) one part in the e-mail stuck out in particular to me. This paragraph sort of goes to point with my first article ( Don't worry I wont go into a Randy Lerner rant), where Lerner says: 

''What I can say is that we, and I, have remained open to new and fresh ideas and thinking and people with passion for the Browns and football experience getting involved and with hope and luck and support, making a difference. We won't become entrenched or stubborn and despite my allergy to be more conspicuous, I do remain eager to seek help and guidance from any and all corners.''

I like this. I like this a lot from the stand point that it shows all of Browns nation that Lerner admit he is not necessarily a good NFL owner, but is seeking help. This concept of "fresh ideas" apparently started with bringing Bernie Kosar back to the organization, which is a move I really like. He is devoted to his coaching staff to bring a mentality back to Cleveland football, which I also respect. For those of you who read my first article, you know I am not a fan of how Lerner has been managing the organization, but today, he earned some "props" in my book.

As a die-hard fan and a gut-less Scot, I will listen to the words of my leader William Wallace(Randall). Randall fully believes in Lerner's dedication to the organization, and seeing as how I have never met Randy Lerner, I will put my faith in Randall's opinion. I can only hope it has the affect of planning a careful off-season, since it is pretty clear this season is wash, unless Otto Graham possesses Derek Anderson and Jim Brown pulls a space-jam like move and gives Jamal Lewis his talent of old (If you have not seen Space Jam, I apologize). I am not a Mangini fan, but I prefer the stability of a coaching staff to a carousel staff.  I am not a Lerner fan, but will follow Wallace to the depths of hell for a winning, successful team, even if he does sort of support of the King of England this time around.

Thankfully, despite his support of Lerner, Randall shows no sign of backing off his Brown Out at this point. This organization needs to see the fans here care enough to make a statement on national television, and who knows maybe they wont be so afraid of Brady Quinn hitting that 70% bonus (I am neutral on the QB situation, for the record). Sure, some may call  the Brown Out "whining" but I call it Cleveland's "You can never take... our freeeeeeddooommmmm" moment.

I just hope it leads to a turn around, and maybe it will ignite some fire in the team. If not, there's always next season.... But is it fun to think of this having a happy ending like a movie (Well.... except in the case of Brave Heart, with the torture and death of Randall.... I do not see that happening)

But hey, just one man's opinion.