WWE Manual 2.0: Greg Bush's Idea of How To Run Raw Episode 4

GregCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2009

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Wrestler Big Show appears in the ring during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Just got through with surgery everyone. Had a few complications, but it was a success. My leg will be back to normal soon. So, let's get started.

Ah, Monday nights.The first show of the week. The first preview matches. Eventually it turns into the first post-PPV Show. Mondays. Where the excitement is.

For ECW see Juan

For Smackdown see Anonymous Guy

For TNA see Adrian Stahle.

Let's get started!

(Fireworks go off as the crowd is screaming for someone in the middle of the ring.)

Kofi Kingston is in the middle of the ring. He's holding a mic, and looking around at the crowd.

Kofi: Ladies and gentlemen, Your looking at the #2 contender for the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP! Das right! No matter what happens at Braggin Rights, I'm facing them. Whether it be Swagger or Cena, the Jamaican Buzzsaw is going after them!

Cena comes out to greet the next challenger.

Cena: Ah, Kofi Kingston. Good to see you're finally getting what you deserve. Can't wait to face you after Bragging Rights.

Swagger comes out holding a mic and taunts Cena.

Swagger: Wait wait wait a minute! How do you know you're gonna be the one to take on Kingston? I mean, after all, I've powerbombed  you at the end of each show for the past three weeks. Let's face it. Your days are numbered as WWE Champion, because the All-American American is coming for you! And I'll handle the Jamaican punk... right now!

Swagger runs to the ring and lays out Kofi with the mic. Cena tries to take him down, but Swagger ducks a clothesline and boots him right in the face! Cena is knocked out the ring. Swagger is measuring Kingston... BAM! Kofi hits a little Trouble in Paradise! Kofi grabs the title and stares at it.

King: Wow! What a message Kofi sent the possibly future champ!

Cole: Well, these men have been rivals for a while King. They fought over the US Title already, and now are looking on to get bigger gold. And what better title to go after than the WWE Championship!

King: Up next, we have the third KOTR qualifier.

Miz vs Evan Bourne KOTR Qualifier: Grudge Match

Miz comes down to the ring wearing a shirt that says "I'm AWESOME" and holding a sign that says "Future King of Awesome". Evan comes down after him, not even giving Miz a chance to fight back. He lands a running dropkick to the back of Miz's head. He stumbles and hit head hits the ring apron. Evan puts him in and follows. The match actually begins.

Evan waits for Miz to get up, and he kicks him in the side of the head. Miz stumbles into the corner... bad idea. Evan runs and hits a flying cross body, followed by a side kick to the abdomen. Miz falls over on his hands and knees. Evan jumps on the back of the Miz. He then jumps up on the turnbuckle and back down, crashing down on Miz's head with a leg drop. 1..2..Miz kicks out! Miz slowly gets back up. Evan tries to throw Miz into the middle of the ring, but Miz counters.

He catches Evan's arm, and throws him with an arm drag, followed by another, and another, and then a strong clothesline! 1..Evan kicks out. Miz stomps on the grounded "Air-Bourne" Evan. Miz pulls him over to the ropes and starts choking him with the bottom rope. 1..2..3..4 Miz lets go. He ties Evan in the ropes by putting him in between the three ropes, the middle in front of his stomach. Evan is bent over on the side of the ring. Miz screams "I'm Awesome!" and then hits Evan with a flying lariat!

Evan leans over. Miz pulls him out halfway and hits a neckbreaker while Evan is still hanging. 1..2..Evan puts his foot on the ropes. Evan looks out of it. Miz signals for the skull-crushing finale. Evan gets up. Miz locks him in, but Evan flips forward and lands Miz on the back of his head! He gets up top and hits the Air-Bourne! 1..2..3! Evan wins!

Evan is celebrating until Charlie Haas comes down to the ring. The US Champ goes to shake Evan's hand... but Miz hits Evan from behind! He puts him in the Skull Crushing Finale and hits it! Haas then picks up Bourne and hits a T-Bone suplex, obviously something he picked up from the Gold Standard. Evan is out cold. Haas then puts him in the Haas of Pain! Evan is tapping!

King: The champ just made the #1 contender tap Michael!

Cole: Yeah... with a little help from the Miz.

Franchise's music hits.

Franchise: Haas, Miz. Since you two look so buddy-buddy down there... how bout we make this interesting. You two are going to be in action tonight as a tag team... against Evan Bourne and the #2 contender for the WWE Title!

Kofi Kingston comes out with a big burst from the crowd.

Franchise: And that's next! But before this, I need Mark Henry and MVP to come to my office immediately! That's all. Enjoy the show folks.


Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne vs. Charlie Haas U.S.C. and The Miz:

The match is already under way, Kofi has Haas in an armbar. Haas is trying to escape, but Kofi uses his free leg to kick Haas right on the forehead. Kofi is pulling back as the former US champion wants revenge! Haas is screaming in pain until he finally grabs the ropes. Kofi lets go. The champ is holding his arm. He gets up and Kofi kicks his legs out from under him.

Kofi tags in Evan. Evan looks revitalized, and grabs has. He suplex's him. 1..2..NO! Haas gets out. Evan runs off the ropes, and hits a running Star Press. 1..2..Haas kicks out. Evan picks him up. He puts Haas in the corner, goes to the other side, and runs at Haas full speed. He tries to dropkick him, but Haas rolls out the way. As he tags Miz, Evan's legssplit on the top turnbuckle. He's hung up in a tree of woe.

Miz loves the opportunity to take out his rival. He runs and boots the stomach, then turns around and stares at Kofi. He does the cut-throat taunt to signal the end. He jumps up and his feet land on the jaw of Evan. Evan falls out, bleeding from the mouth. Miz pulls him in the middle and tags Haas. Evan gets up and Miz hits him with his knee. He follows it with an attempt at the Mizard of Oz, but Kofi gets in and hits the Trouble in Paradise on Miz.

Haas tosses out Kofi, but Evan rolls up Haas! 1..2..3! Evan just pinned Haas!

Cole: Haas just got pinned 1 2 3 by Evan Bourne!

King: I see a new champion in our future Cole!

(The camera changes to Franchise's office.)

Franchise: So, like I was saying, I got a great deal. MVP, Mark, you two are desperately wanted by Smackdown.

Mark: SD!? Why would they want us?

Franchise: I don't know Mark. Shane O'Mac wants the both of you. He traded me a younger team for the two of you.

MVP: Wait man, what about our shot tonight?

Franchise: Oh trust me, I wouldn't cheat you two out of that. The two of you will still take on Legacy and a certain tag team tonight for the shot at Bragging Rights. In fact, that's next. Good luck guys. Oh, the other team... is the team just traded here. Good luck!

MVP & WSM vs. Legacy vs. ???: Triple Threat Tag Team #1 contendership!

(The rules are like this. It's basically a triple threat like normal. One of each team member are in the ring. They can tag in their partner. It's as simple as that. Just wanted to explain in case someone was lost.)

Legacy come out first, with their leader no where to be seen. They get in the ring, as serious as could be. They stare down their first opponents to come down. MVP and Mark Henry come down motioning the belts around their waists. They all wait for their next opponents...

BROOKLYN BROOKLYN! Cryme Tyme come down the ring, dancing like fools! The crowd goes insane for the young guns from Smackdown! They get in the ring. Starting of the match is Rhodes, MVP, and JTG. Rhodes makes the first move, clotheslining MVP. JTG retaliates with a couple of punches, followed by a chop block to the legs. JTG gets up, and MVP boots JTG in the back of the head. He's knocked completely out of the ring.

MVP waits for Rhodes. Rhodes gets up and MVP takes him back down with a back drop. He tags in Henry. Henry gets in and applies the massive grip with a bear hug on Rhodes. Rhodes is writhing in pain. He's squirming and gasping for air, when JTG climbs the Turnbuckle. He dropkicks Cody's back, knocking over the big guy. 1..Mark tosses Cody off. Mark gets back up, but JTG has tagged in Shad, who runs right into the big man.

Mark hits Shad, Shad hits Mark. Mark hits Shad, Shad boots Mark right in the face! Mark stumbles back, Shad runs off the ropes and throws his arm into his neck with a strong lariat! 1..2..Cody breaks it. Cody tags in Dibiase. Dibiase coms in and stomps on the tree like legs of the World's strongest man. He tries to put him in a sort of leg lock, but Mark's legs are too big. Dibiase gives up just in time for Shad to hit him with a big punch.

Dibiase is down. Shad is the only man standing. He waits for the World's Strongest Man to get up, and tries to hit Thugnificent on him, but Mark counters with a powerslam! Mark tags in MVP. MVP waits for Dibiase to tag in Rhodes. When he does, MVP hits his patented Player's Boot right on Rhodes's head. MVP turns around and... Thugnificent! Henry runs in and hits the World's Strongest Slam on Shad. Dibase pulls Henry over the ropes. JTG hits the Shout Out on Rhodes, then Shad picks him up. They hit the G-9! 1..2..3! Cryme Tyme are the Raw #1 Contender's.

Big Show's music comes on and the big man comes down to the ring. He is followed by Jericho.

Jericho: So... you two little street punks are the Raw contenders huh? The insignificant pieces of trash that attempt to take my title simply makes me laugh.

Big Show: Your title?

Jericho: I mean our titles big guy, our titles. Anyways, do you two think you can take on JeriShow? Huh? I was the First Undisputed Champion! I beat both the Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the same night! I am unbeatable regardless, and now tht I have Show? We are unstopable! Big guy, show them why we're the best!

Show just looks at JTG and Shad, and shakes the hands of the two. Jericho is in shock.


(We return to Franchise's Office)

Beth: Listen Shane! I've been under mental assault by all of the divas on this show! They all think I'm not worthy of the title match!

Mickie: Because you're not.

Franchise: Whoa Whoa ladies. Calm down. Listen. Beth, you are worth of the title. Let's face it, you beat Gail one two three... four... five... however long it took for Mickie to count it. But... If the divas don't think you deserve it, then they get a chance to speak their minds. Next week you two will fight for the title... in a Lumber-Jill match! Every diva on Raw will be outside the ring as you two fight. The winner will be decided by the divas. Is that fair?

Beth: NO!

Franchise: That's too damn bad Beth. I think it's fair. Get ready for next week.

Now, get the hell outa my office, both of you, I've gotta get ready for a contract signing.

WWE Title Contract Signing: Cena and Swagger

Franchise is the first to come down, holding the contract and the belt. The crowd chants for the former NWA champ. He waves down the first man, Jack Swagger. Suprisingly, people cheer for the contender. Swagger gets in the ring and looks at the belt for what seems like forever until Cena's music hits. Cena comes down and gets into the crowd, slapping hands and cheering. He gets into the ring as we begin. Both men sit down.

Franchise: Now, before we get started gentlemen, I want to say that if there is any type of physical altercation before the contract is signed, the title will be forfeited and I'll name a new champ automatically. IS that understood? Goood, Swagger, is there anything you want to say?

Swagger, wearing his cocky smile, begins to speak.

Swagger: Yeas Mr. Douglas. First of, I want to thank you for giving me this chance. I know it was something you didn't want done, but you did what was right for the show. Cena, do you really think you can beat me at Bragging Rights? Seriously? I've taken you out three weeks in a row. Over and over again I've dominated you. Not one time in our little rivalry have you come out on top at the end of the show. Do you know why?

It's because I, the All American-American, Jack Swagger, am better than you. I am stronger, faster, and smarter. I can't be stopped by the likes of some wannabe rapper.

Cena: Well, Even if you do manage to some how overcome the odds, the man to take on the champion next... is someone you already lost to. Swagger, you got beat by Kofi Kingston countless times. If you some how defy the Wrestling Gods... Not JBL... and beat me, you'll lose the title with in the month.

Now, Shane, if I can call you Shane...

Franchise: You may call me Mr. Douglas or Franchise Cena.

Cena: Fine, Franchise. What is this added stipulation I've heard about?

Franchise: Oh, the stipulation. Well, since I want to be there incase one of you decides to gain a little help from the back... Legacy, Kingston, Cryme Tyme... I'm sure that the Cryme Tyme Cenation is back in order since their here, I will be the special referee. Any funny business and the championship is forfeited. I'm a fair man, and I will not have a cheated champion on my show.

Cena and Swagger sign the contract.

Franchise: Now, shake hands boys.

Cena shakes Swagger's hand... and pulls him over the table. Cena stomps out Swagger. He thin picks him up and hits the F-U on Swagger through the table!

This has been a Bushboy Inc. Production.


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