Hokies, Heels In-Game Blog Thoughts

Scott GlesnerCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2009

ATLANTA - OCTOBER 17:  Quarterback Tyrod Taylor #5 and Ryan Williams #34 of the Virginia Tech Hokies against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Bobby Dodd Stadium on October 17, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

7:39PM - Fans are getting ready for the Brent Bowden "Enter Sandman" version...

7:42PM - Fireworks explode...waiting for coin toss. Bowden's version did not have the excitement at the beginning, but it did have more bass.

7:43PM - Coin toss goes to Heels...VT is 0-8 this season on the coin toss.

7:46PM - Williams shows his statement for ACC POY with a 25-yard run to start things out.

7:47PM - Annnnd a fumble on the next play stops that momentum...

7:49PM - VT opened as a 16.5 point favorite. To cover this, the Hokies are going to get up early on this Tarheel group, unlike 12 days ago.

7:51PM - Yes, Virginia Tech is in their Halloween...I mean...Orange effect jerseys.

7:58PM - Taylor is not quite on yet...play-calling is okay, execution is not quite there.

7:59PM - The over/under for tonight is UNC fans in attendance tonight versus NC fans in Cassell Coliseum when UNC comes to visit VT in basketball.

8:01PM - Bud Foster must have felt like this was a week off compared to trying to defend the GT option...two straight three-and-outs.

8:05PM - VT's starting field position so far is their own 42...three drives, zero points.

8:13PM - The new over/under is which ends first, this game or Game Two of the World Series...

8:18PM - First quarter ends with all sorts of snoozes. The fans are waiting to cheer for something big...Tech better get that big play soon to use that excitement to their advantage.

8:22PM - UNC goes for the fourth down and comes up empty. The D was nice enough to give the offense a rest.

8:34PM - The snoozefest continues...VT has a chance with field position to get some points on the board.

8:36PM - Nevermind...Taylor ended that by giving UNC back 13 yards.

8:40PM - This has a feel of a typical VT game...a big defensive or special teams play will open the flood gates...just a feeling.

8:43PM - Yates comes up gimpy...a reminder from last year's VT-UNC game. VT may want to keep Yates in.

8:52PM - UNC puts the first points on the board after a 13-yard TD pass capping off a 13-play drive that covered 84 yards. Boyd for UNC did a great job of finding the ball and going after it.

8:56PM - VT is in their best offense, the two-minute offense.

9:01PM - A smattering of boos at the end of the first half in Lane Stadium. The offense is not executing very well. The play-calling is not losing this game, indecision is (that along with sloppy passing and receivers not getting open).

9:05PM - Virginia Tech has two plays of 20 yards or better. Sadly, those were Tech's first two plays that ended with a fumble.

9:09PM - Fireworks during the half-time show. Might as well get your money's worth and use them for something tonight so far.

9:34PM - VT's offense is rolling after picking up a third-and-17. It helps when the QB is throwing it accurately and the receivers are not dropping it...second and goal from the one.

9:36PM - The UNC goal-line defense showed up as the fans want VT to go. Having your center hurt may affect your decision on fourth and goal from the one.

9:39PM - Taylor saves the drive (and night) with a one-yard scramble...and UNC loses a time-out with the Coach's challenge. I'm not sure why you would use your coach's challenge when there are plenty of reviews and if there's even a hint of doubt, the play will be reviewed...7-7 game.

9:46PM - The fans are back into the game. Tech's D is standing strong again. UNC manages to save the drive with a third down conversion. VT fans know it is Thursday  night in Lane. The players must not have been informed yet.

9:48PM - Fireworks are set off, both mistakenly by the fireworks crew as well as UNC's running game.

9:51PM - A mistake by me stating that VT might be better if Yates stays in earlier. Yates throws a beautiful strike answering VT's long drive. All three scoring drives tonight have been longer than 80 yards.

9:54PM - Amazingly, VT has more yards passing than rushing. UNC has more rushing yards than passing.

9:58PM - VT's receivers' hands have shown up in the second half. Taylor is enjoying threading the needle. The coaches must have told Taylor to get rid of the ball even if his receivers are covered.

10:04PM - Fireworks again, and yet, no VT score. A phantom holding call brings the O back on the field. VT gets three points instead of the desired seven points.

10:10PM - My original thought was correct about keeping Yates in the game. There also was the big defensive play that could open the flood gates. VT takes its first lead of the night 17-14.

10:21PM - Carolina is not rushing themselves, even though they were saved by a pass interference penalty.

10:23PM - Total yards: UNC 249, VT 250.

10:27PM - VT still has that sense of "It's Thursday night, we're at home, we're going to win." They are letting the situation dictate the outcome instead of dictating it themselves.

10:29PM - VT shows they have a goal-line D as well, forcing a short FG...which is good and it is 17-17 with 2:52 to go...I guess I won't be able to beat traffic tonight.

10:32PM - I think I misread the preview...I thought UNC was 0-3 in the ACC...

10:34PM - Are we going to see another 20-17 outcome? Ryan Williams falters and UNC is set up to get the 20-17 lead if they do not turn the ball over.

10:39PM - North Carolina is looking for a chip shot FG. They are in the middle of the field...30 seconds to go.

10:41PM - Last post...VT looks like they were disappointed from a chance at the BCS, to ACC, to possibly only hinging on a 10-win season...UNC 20 VT 17.


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