Disband the NCAA: Dez Bryant Ruling Reminds Us All What We Already Know

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2009

Dez Bryant needs to raid Brian Bozworth's closet. The Boz has one shirt that goes perfect with what Bryant is wearing, an unjust one-year suspension from college football for lying about NOT breaking a rule.

Yes, you read that right not that he lied about breaking a rule and got caught. He lied about doing something that is not against the rules and loses nearly a year of his college football career.

Let's face it the National Communist Against Athletes, NCAA, t-shirt that Boz wore makes much more sense for Bryant to wear than it ever did for the Boz, who has actually caught breaking the rules. 

When I first heard the news that Bryant was suspended for lying about spending time with Deion Sanders, I thought there would be more to this story. At the very least, if there was not any wrong doing uncovered that he would be reinstated the second the investigation into his relationship with Sanders was finished.

However, the investigation was concluded and no evidence of any other violations were uncovered. The NCAA decided not to reinstate him until September 2010.

To add insult to injury, the NCAA seems to be patting themselves on the back for being so lenient.

Let's face it. The NCAA wants Deion Sanders out of the college game. They do not want college athletes talking to Sanders and much less spending time with him.

I actually get that, I am not a fan of Sanders being involved in these young kids lives either. One he does have business connections to both people who own bookies and to agents..

Two, all of his past mentor projects have not panned out. Last year he did nothing to improve the situations of the two cowboys player's lives he got himself involved in, Pacman and TO and both situations ended badly for all parties involved.

Yes, he has Primetime U and it seems to be getting a lot of publicity but despite him being one of the best defensive backs in NFL history, he always had a snake in the grass feel to him to me.

So, the NCAA does not want it athletes dealing with Deion. I get that but it is not a violation and unless they make it a rule, which they cant. There is no reason that players should be suspended for visiting him if they wish to make that err in judgment.

Make no doubt about it, this suspension is all about Deion Sanders. If Bryant had visited with Dan Marino or John Elway and lied about it, He would be dressing up as an OSU Cowboy for Halloween and taking the field against Texas.

Lets face it, no one has any faith in the NCAA and has not for years. Now, granted their job is impossibly tough and much needed but they could not be doing a more poor job without actually trying to be an embarrassment.

Why universities continue to fund them and let them retain their power is beyond logic. 

The hypocrisy is unbearable. The institution suspends a player for lying about NOT breaking a rule and then tells us that the USC Trojans are still under investigation and more evidence is needed. You have receipts, you have audio tape and eye witnesses to actual rule violations but that is not more evidence than a kid lying to you about once again, NOT, breaking a rule.

Or, Blount who may very well be reinstated after not only punching a player on-field but trying to go into the stands and duke it out with the fans as well.

This year, the NCAA has tried to prove it still has teeth after letting major violations go on at major universities for the past few seasons but until they punish the major violators who it is obvious to all were cheating. Such a harsh punishment for such a minor violation, is extremely petty.

The NCAA needs to be disbanded. No if, ands or buts about it. This is the same organization that argued allowing more games to be shown on TV would diminish the popularity of college football. So their inadequacies go way beyond dealing with violations.

The message they are sending here is wrong. Never admit anything and if you are going to make a minor mistake, lie like you just broke every rule in the book because we are going to punish like you did unless, of course, you go to the right university.

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