Raptors Win: 1 Down, 49 To Go!

Brad NortonCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2009

Okay, so, if you haven't guessed by now. What I am going to start is right now a hope or some may call a "dream". As, I wrote before about the Raptors winning 50 games , remember that? 

While now it's time to do the once unthinkable and set that goal/"dream" into progression. So, I'm aiming for the Raptors to achieve 50 wins this season and so far they have one and need 49 more.

But, there are obstacles in the way as that means the Raptors can only lose 32 games, if that. If it goes over that while then I will never again...(come up with some things and then I will put them in a poll in my next article and we'll see which one I'll never do again if the Raptors lose more than 32 games)capiche(cap-eesh).

Every time the Raptors lose, however. I will put down "one gone, 31 more to afford" or something like that. So, now that that is over with I have already seen about five articles on the game wrap up against Cleveland.

I'm a Raptors fan, but, c' mon do we need to suck the shit out of the Raptors beating the Cavs? No. Some will call it a fluke (Americans), some will say it's a taste of what's to come (Canadians).

But, the smart ones will say "big freakin' deal it's one game, we started 3-0 last season and some seasons before that." It's not that big of an accomplishment considering The Meltdown (last season) started 3-0.

Although, props to Jay (Triano) for basically saying that same thing and saying "ok, good we got a win now let's focus on next game." I hate to discriminate, but, if you ask me I think that is the characteristic of a Canadian coaching a Canadian team.


It might just be what the average coach does, but, what makes him smart is that he doesn't let it show that he's happy with the win, even though he is. He shows that he wants more.

Anyways, enough of Jay. It was a well played game on both sides and I'm curious to see how emotionally stable Anthony Parker was before, during, and after that game. I mean, the team that gave you your recognition and for the first time. You are on the other side, tough.

I hate to say it, but I am unimpressed with the performance of Superman 1.0, The Diesel, Shaq his performance in both games although a bit better in Toronto were both looking like he was just being ruthless and not playing the game like it meant something.

Although, I wouldn't be too worried Cleveland fans. I'm sure the cavalry will pick it's self up soon enough. Hey, I know it's only the first game, but I was very impressed with Mr. Young Buck DeRozan . The plot for ROY honors thickens, watch out for this guy I'm tellin' ya. 

Well, if you want a recap of the game there is about 50 million of them across the internet and to be honest I couldn't tell you a good one or above average. But, hey what do you want it's a game recap.

Anyways, one down, 49 to go see you on Saturday for the next installment. Also, could use a name for this series hit me up from wherever if you got one. Peace