NBA Primetime: Ranking The Top 10 Rookies For The '09-'10 NBA Season

Brandon RibakSenior Writer IOctober 29, 2009

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Every professional athlete has gone through the phase of entering the league for the very first time while attempting to take his game to the next level at the same moment.

With the new environment that they're surrounded by, they're forced to mature quickly and ultimately emerge into their very own diamond in the rough.

Some players immediately make an impact to the teams success from the second they step foot onto the hardwood, while others must take time to polish their arsenal and overall mindset.

Whether they're a starter or a back-up, the players eventually gets their opportunity to show off what they can offer and in the end prove what they are all about.

NBA Primetime's Top 10 Rookies for the '09-'10 NBA Season

1. Blake Griffin (F, LAC)

Injured or not, Griffin will instantly make a huge contribution to the Clippers team once he gets back on the floor.  He has the stature and frame to overpower and bully literally anybody in his path and will unquestionably use that to his utmost advantage throughout his entire career.

2. Tyreke Evans (G, SAC)

Talking about a fantasy stud, guard Tyreke Evans will without a doubt rack up the most MPG amongst all rookies this season.  Leading the way for Sacramento, Evans will have more than enough opportunities to battle head-to-head with Griffin for the Rookie of the Year award.

3. Terrence Williams (G, NJN)

Williams is a freakish athlete with unlimited amounts of hops.  On a rebuilding team like New Jersey, T-Will should be able to average starters minutes night in and night out and show the NBA world what a slam dunk is all about.

4. Jonny Flynn (G, MIN)

With Ramon Sessions running the point-guard position for Minnesota, it is not certain on how much playing time Flynn will receive this season.  Regardless, the little guard should get an ample amount of PT to be able to show off his quickness and agility.  Just check out his debut numbers, 29 MPG, 18 PPG.

5. Stephen Curry (G, GSW)

Since entering the NBA, questions have rose regarding to Curry's small physique and if he will be able to produce at a high level consistently.  After watching him play in his debut, it's safe to say that Curry will have no problem running the show for the Warriors this season.  While he won't drop ridiculous numbers like he did during his Davidson days, Curry should be able to post around 13 PPG, 6 APG, and 1.5 SPG.

6. DeJuan Blair (F, SAS)

Blair sneaking into the second-round of the NBA Draft meant one team was guaranteed a lot more than they ever expected; of course that team had to be the San Antonio Spurs.  Blair's debut game ended with his first career double-double in only 23 minutes.  I guess that is a sign of what's to come.

7. Ty Lawson (G, DEN)

Lawson was luckily traded to Denver on draft night after being the third point-guard selected by Minnesota.  Standing 5'11, Lawson uses his speed, proficient dribbling, and terrific eye to his absolute advantage.  Backing up one of the most elite veteran point-guards in the NBA doesn't hurt his upside either.

8. James Harden (G, OKC)

At the young age of 20, lefty shooter James Harden has massive room for improvement before he reaches his true potential.  During his debut game his lethal weapon could not find a way to get inside the basket, but once the jitters are out of his system he should be good for close to 15 points per night.

9. Omri Casspi (F, SAC)

Like Evans, Casspi should post inflated minutes per game as compared to the average rookie around the league.  At 6'9" Casspi has shown his versatility and nose for the ball on the offensive end of the floor.  Once he begins to post eyebrow-raising numbers, it could be time to pick this Israeli up in fantasy play.

10. DeMar DeRozan (G, TOR)

DeRozan is another high-flying athlete that has potential to move up in the rookie rankings this season.  Although Toronto's roster is pretty stacked this season, DeRozan should be able to remain in the starting line-up if he keeps up his defensive play.

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