Josh's NFL Picks of the Week: Patriots to Roll Over Cowboys

Joshua ShiveContributor IOctober 12, 2007

IconFirst off, I'll let you know that I am new to this. But I watch a lot of football and keep up with the stats, so here goes...

Cincinnati at Kansas City

Cincinnati is in a slump and Kansas City has just come off a critical loss, but i think Kansas City will have the edge with home field advantage. KC 34, Cin 28

Houston at Jacksonville

Houston has lost too many players to even have a chance and Jacksonville just came off a huge motivational win in Kansas City. Jac 24, Hou 13

Miami at Cleveland

Miami has looked terrible this year and Cleveland seems to be getting better with Derek Anderson. Also, Ryan Tucker will be back this week to help out with the front line. Cle 35, Mia 24

Washington at Green Bay

This is a tough one, considering that Green Bay has done so well this season, last week excepted. On the other hand, Washington destroyed Detroit last week. I think if Green Bay can avoid turnovers, they will take it. If not, it will be another bad review for Favre on Monday morning. Was 27, GB 24

St. Louis at Baltimore

St. Louis hasn't impressed me this year and neither has Baltimore's offense. But it's the Ravens' defense that has won games before, and won't be any different in this case. Bal 28, Stl 10

Minnesota at Chicago

Minnesota hasn't been that impressive this year, but neither has the Chicago offense. Chicago will have the edge with their great defense. Chi 21, Min 7

Philadelphia at New York Jets

The Jets have looked horrible this year and the Eagles haven't been producing on offense. But coming off a bye, Philly will be ready. Phi 38, NYJ 24

Tennessee at Tampa Bay

Tennessee hasn't put up as many points as I expected this year, and the Bucs got destroyed last week at Indianapolis. But Vince Young and the Titans will find a way to win. Ten 24, TB 20

Carolina at Arizona

With both starting quarterbacks out, this game is going to be determined by the defenses. Ari 17, Car 14

New England at Dallas

This is the so-called game of the week, but it will end in total domination. The Cowboys are overrated and will have no chance against the Pats' potent defense. Brady and the offense will have no problem passing against the Cowboys' poor defenders. NE 31, Dal 17

Oakland at San Diego

This is going to be a straight-up dogfight. I think San Diego has progressed a little more since the start of the season than the Raiders have, and its offense will take over. SD 34, Oak 21

New Orleans at Seattle

New Orleans looks pretty bad this year and the Seahawks are coming off a devastating loss from last week. I think that the Seahawks will come out gunning and will control the game. Sea 27, NO 14

New York Giants at Atlanta

This is probably going to be the worst Monday night game of the season. The Giants will take over this game and run with it. NYG 27, Atl 13

Upset of the week:

Washington over Green Bay