The Ultimate Fighter Sends Wrong Message.

The Truth TurcottCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2009

   Hey “Sports Fans.” Just musing over the latest show of The Ultimate Fighter. Last nights show saw former U.F.C. fighter Scott Junk taking on Matt Mitrione.

     The fight itself was a one round slugfest with both fighters getting in some pretty big haymakers. Mitrione caught Junk throwing kicks on several occasions and made him pay with nice clean shots on the chin sending Junk to mat. Mitrione dominated the first 3 minutes of the round while Junk managed to take the last 2 minutes of the round throwing and connecting with wild haymakers.

     While round one brought Dana White out his seat proclaiming “ this is a great f–-ing fight.” Round two wasn’t nearly as exciting as both fighters lacked the cardio to do much in the second. Junk managed to Mitrione down mid way through the round but failed to capitalize.

     In the end Mitrione had his hand raised in victory. I believe this was the right call.

     Rampage however didn’t as he proceeded to punch and kick a door, finally ripping it in to pieces and throwing it aside. I don’t know about you “Sports Fans” but I personally don’t think visuals like this are good for the sport of MMA.

     To be completely honest I’m a little schizophrenic when it comes to MMA. The docile side of me enjoys the skills and fluid motion of athletes such as Royce Gracie, Damian Maia, GSP and Anderson Silva.  They bring class and legitimacy to the sport with they’re superb skills set and their calm demeanor.

     I could be wrong, but to the best of my knowledge none of these athletes have ever uttered ill will toward their opponents. I never heard things like, “you’re dead, or it’s time to slay the master, I’m going to put my fist right through his face.”

     The darker desensitized side of me enjoys the violence. Hey at least I can admit it.

     So where am I going with this you ask?

     The so called “purists” of the sport say guys like Brock Lesnar are bad for the Sport of MMA. Some writers have even called the fans that follow Brock ignorant and uneducated about MMA.

     Yet some of these “purists” follow TUF. Hmmm. The dark “Truth” likes TUF and thinks Brock is great for the sport. The docile “Truth” thinks TUF is bad for MMA in it’s current format.

     The dark “Truth” wanted to see a bare fisted brawl between Rampage and Evans, hell why not just have a rumble with both teams.

     The docile “Truth” has been disgusted with Rampage’s antics and attitude throughout this season so far, and isn’t overly pleased with the way Rashad has handled himself either.

     The dark “Truth” has been winning the battle over the t.v. controller though, so I continue watch.