Believe it U.S. Citizens, Lebron Will Be Coming to Toronto

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Believe it U.S. Citizens, Lebron Will Be Coming to Toronto
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To you American NBA fans who just can't wrap your collective head around the idea that Toronto is now a leading centre of an emerging global culture: get a passport, buy/google a map, and plan a trip. 

LeBron is coming to the Raptors to win a mitten-full of NBA World Titles, son.

Currency issue: what currency issue? So long as the U.S. is sucking on Tar Sands oil, the Canadian dollar will hover around the 90/US dollar mark where our export manufacturers and professional basketball franchise will adjust to compete and win.

So then you scream, "Bloody pinko Taxes."

And I of course scream back, "Check-out of the U.S. debt-economy and into universal healthcare, universal education, clean/safe cities with lots of trees, TO's throbbing live music/restaurant/club/film scene, and no Rush Limbaugh, son."

The Raptors will generate enough revenue as "Canada's Team" to pay LeBron as much as any other NBA franchise would. And again, the idea that LeBron would not make as much endorsement earnings will depend on whether he prefers American branding or Global branding. The future is global, just ask Stern himself.

If LeBron wants to be the American face of the NBA, then he should most certainly play for the Lakers or Knicks.

But if LeBron and the League want him to be a global sports icon like MJ once was, then Toronto is now the launching pad of choice for the NBA.

All LeBron need do is pack a bag, follow the south shore of Lake Erie to Buffalo, and drive north into a Raptors Kingdom waiting to crown him the NBA World Champion.      

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