College FB Rankings: Get Hawaii Out of There

Aaron PartridgeCorrespondent IOctober 12, 2007

IconRemind me, has Hawaii played any team worth noting?

Absolutely not.

At the beginning of the season, out of 50 top teams, Hawaii's strength of schedule ranked near the bottom of the list.

The opponents Hawaii has faced so far have a total record of 7-28.

The toughest opponent the Warriors have faced is Charleston Southern, who are currently at 3-3 but lost to Hawaii 66-10.

What a force they are.

So how can Hawaii possibly be ranked 16th in the country, ahead of teams like Illinois, Wisconsin, and Auburn?

The rankings are flawed.

This time it has nothing to do with the BCS.

I'm not exactly sure what's going through voters' heads this year. My first guess is they want parity among teams, just like in college basketball.

There are more surprising teams—such as Kansas, who will fall out of the Top 25 down the road against formidable Big 12 opponents.

However, the Jayhawks deserve to be there more than Hawaii—at least they beat a Top 25 team (Kansas State) last Saturday. 

Other superior teams include Texas A&M, Texas Tech, and Indiana, who are on the cusp of making a move into the Top 25. They also deserve to be there more than Hawaii. 

Don't be surprised when Hawaii eventually falls to a team in the WAC.

Boise State will finally put Hawaii in its place in late November. That's if Fresno State  doesn't beat the Warriors first. The Bulldogs have had a good year so far, losing to Texas A&M early this year in a close game.

Hawaii is ranked for only one reason: QB Colt Brennan.

I'm not here to bash Brennan whatsoever. He's one of the top QBs in college football at the moment. However, most of those stats are due to Hawaii's offense.

Nonetheless, critics also have to realize the WR core in Hawaii is nothing short of great. It's hard to stop the WR tandem of Bess and Mullen.

Then again, we don't know what numbers would be put up against quality Top 50 opponents.

Brennan is throwing the ball against opposition that is, well, terrible.

Still, one player should not determine the status of the rankings. Yes, he is a Heisman Trophy candidate, but the schedule is nothing.

At the end of the season, the rankings will be correct.

Hawaii will be out.

As for the aforementioned teams (Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Indiana), they will be on the cusp or in the Top 25.

Deservedly so.