Ronnie C Wright@@ronniecwrightContributor IOctober 28, 2009

If winning is everything—why are some Gator fans playing armchair quarterback? All over the media...and all across The Swamp.

Why would a team rededicate itself to excellence? And admit mistakes before its nation of fans and followers?

These are the Florida Gators—This is why!

The nature of the "Gator" is "Freedom"—and like America, its constitution rests on principles, rules, liberty and a way of life based on tradition and hard work.


"Take the task head on, come what may," Student Section Supporter, Allison Wood said. "It's important to embrace life's experiences and try to judge things fairly—this team understands this."


"New Ball Game" is the attitude of a focused group of individuals who are prepared to look in the mirror and show a reflection of heart and soul. They know championships are won, one game at a time.


The Gators began the season with one thing in mind—win! Today, they continue the season with an added bonus—win with few mistakes. The Gators see this as "the toil of victory."


The Gators are working through their pain and personal shame with truth. And, this truth sets them free to stumble, fumble and to pick themselves up in the end and, win—just win.


Life in The Swamp is good! but, it's not easy. Let's face it—success comes with a price and the Florida Gators are willing and able to pay the price. After winning the 2008 College Football National Championship they accepted the challenge and the reality of success.







    Tailgate Joe said, You like Gator football?




    Yes, I do!



    Then put your jockstrap on.






    Then put your jockstrap on because you and all of America will need.



    How come?

    The Gator Growl is gonna move you. The Gator Growl is gonna groove you. The Gator Growl is gonna be loud, loaded and highly explosive, man.

    Man I go to games—I cover them.

    Sure you do...but, that was then and this is now! and, baby—The Gators will be faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a moving train and able to leap opponents in a single bound...and cover your ears....because of the sound...the Gators are going to put pow in wow!

    The Gators have come face to face with the Gator in the mirror.