Les in the Hat Is More than Saban in Bama Nation

Dale WeaverCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2009

TUSCALOOSA, AL - OCTOBER 24:  Head coach Nick Saban of the Alabama Crimson Tide celebrates after their 12-10 win over the Tennessee Volunteers at Bryant-Denny Stadium on October 24, 2009 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Bama Clones are already raiding Bleacher Report like fat kids would an abandoned doughnut shop—lobbing their gibberish on how "mediocre" LSU is...and ever will be with coach Les Miles at the helm.


Another testimony of those said haters in not having much of a life outside of the blog community. 


I find it comical—almost "bust a gut funny," in the amount of negative attention LSU gets every year from so many self-proclaimed Bama experts. These small groups of scholarly juggernauts almost always take pleasure in pushing Tiger buttons and have now become so predictable, it’s hard not to laugh.


As an LSU fan, and college football fan by in large, there are many of us who understand the friendly banter between rival teams and conferences. 


We all share a healthy respect for all programs, even those who wouldn’t be considered elite programs.


But there is only one program known to LSU fans that have become the fly in the proverbial ointment of good hearted ribbing. I guess you know which flies I’m talking about?


And please understand—I don’t for one second, want to stereotype all Alabama fans as "flies," but the rare handful of them are a pestilence, constantly buzzing about the face with negative comments, vomiting their overall hopeless negativisms in that LSU is overrated, and on the downhill slide with Les Miles as coach. 


Case in point as one of B/R most "visible" writers noted, “...Saban built the car Miles drove all that time...he inherited clunker and left a Caddy behind...the longer Saban is gone, the further they’ll slide...”


He was commenting on the fact that Miles actually has a better winning percentage than Nick Saban, posted by a very distinguished LSU featured writer.


Here’s the thing, Bama fan. Let me publicly proclaim a few matters concerning true LSU Tiger fans.


1. We love our program with all our hearts, much like every true college football fan does their program. But we don’t look to put down other schools with coaching ties from program to program and blame or praise the success of the past or future accomplishments. If you research the teams from all over the nation, most all coaches leave an imprint on a school in a positive way.  


2. True LSU fans still love and respect Nick Saban. Why? Well, you already know the answer. He’s a great coach. He did bring our program to a new level...no question about that. 


Were we hurt when he left LSU? Yes. Were we even more upset when he took the Alabama job? Yes...but we got over it. Will we always be indebted to his vision and leadership in putting LSU in an elite class of programs? Yes...but life goes on. 


We love coach Miles, and he is doing a great job. Just because you may inherit a Ferrari...doesn’t always mean you know how to drive one. Coach Miles can drive with the best of coaches out there. 


3. Do true LSU fans hate Alabama? No. I know when it comes down to the bowls this year, all the SEC fans will be pulling for each other. 


I was upset that Bama lost to Utah last year. I don’t get that feeling about the Clone Bama fans about LSU. 


They would enjoy nothing less than LSU going back to the stone age in football...and would most likely still have time to comment and put down our program.


So please, Bama Nation—please know that we here in Tiger Nation look to enjoy a great game of competition with you in less than two weeks. I know that we all look forward to witnessing and enjoying the fruits of labor in the young men who represent our schools. 


I will, in a good sportsmanship-like manner, comment on the game before and after. It should be an exciting game which should give us much to discuss...but we would ask but one favor.... 


Please put a leash on your rogue haters who spoil what’s good between our two loves. 


Geaux Tigers!