People Of The Wrestling Community...thanks For Beeing Awesome Guys

Dynamite BillCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2009

I joined this site about 5 months ago, when I was searching about the top 100 wrestlers of all time on the net,I clicked on the list that was made form Charles Green(now known as Canadian Kid).

When I saw all this guys commenting about this list and telling their opinion about it I though: This place was made for me. I was impressed by the writing skills and wrestling knowledge of some guys on this site (Shane,Mr.Taylor,Joe,Svyato...)

Not going to lie, I also made a lot of enemies but nothing is perfect.This article is my tribute to some of the people of the wrestling community of B/R.

Canadian Kid: He was the author of the first article I read on this site and possibly he is the reason I am today on B/R.He is a fantastic guy,with great wrestling knowledge for his age. He is a fellow list-maker and in my opinion a great writer.He is ranked number 6 currently and he even reached the top 5 once, I am proud for this guy because he has really improved.

Svyato Rovenchuck: He was the first guy I had a fight with but now he is one of my favourite writers.He has got a great writing skills and in my opinion he deserves to be at least at the top 15 writers.He is the reason that I started improving my articles and I own a lot to him.

Shane: The wrestling community of B/R wouldn't have been great if it didn't have a fantastic Community Leader.As for his writing skills Shane is my idol.In my opinion he is the best writer of this Community( followed closely by Hayley and Joe) and he is a great C.L.

Hayley: The B/R philosopher.Hayley is a great writer that always finds the way to impress us.As of a person she is fantastic.When I first read her articles I felt that in comparison with her I sucked completely as a writer!

Joe: The B/R superstar.Joe can be described as a bit arrogant but he is a truly great writer.He will always tell his opinion and if you are not up with it he will have 2 words for you: SUCK IT!:p.I like his character because he is a very honest guy.

Mr.Taylor: The most active guy to B/R.Taylor always comments in any kind of article.I haven't read much of his articles but form the few I read I can say that he is a good writer.

Heel Mark: I want to kill this guy!!!Just kidding people.Heel mark as his name says is the best heel on B/R.He has got great writing skills.Heel Mark elevates other guys and make them look good in comparison with him as for the character  XD.Bad guys are always needed so that the good guys can look good:P