Daryll Clark For Heisman Petition

Paul SalmanSenior Analyst IOctober 28, 2009










Comp % Passing Yards Passing TDS Ints Rtg Rush Yrds Rush TD Total TD
65.20%... 2050.... 16.... 2.... 161.1.... -48.... 1.... 17
63.60%.. 1159..... 8..... 4.... 151.3.... 466.... 6.... 14
62.10%.. 1884.... 17.... 7.... 148.4.... 132.... 4.... 21
71.70%.. 1804.... 14.... 8.... 143.3.... 104.... 1.... 15

When you see those stats, do any of them stick out? Would you be able to rank the three men on this list who are considered the front-runners at the quarterback position to win the Heisman?

If you ask me, none of these stand out that much, however one of these is not even being mentioned as a contender. His name is Daryll Clark.

The Heisman Trophy has become an award no one can define. It is not about the best stats, it is not about the MVP. It's not even about the best player on the best team since Notre Dame is not even ranked.

I don't think anyone can really explain the criteria for this award. In some ways it even seems to be a career achievement award, should Tim Tebow win, since his stats are not nearly good enough to be considered Heisman worthy.

People will say that Clark padded his stats against easy competition. Well, Jimmy Clausen did not face a passing defense ranked better than 60th until he faced USC. Tebow has padded his stats, with more than half of his touchdowns coming against Charleston Southern and Troy. Since then, during SEC play, he and the Gators have been ineffective in the red zone and have struggled offensively.

Colt McCoy, who has padded his stats against some cupcakes as well, has remained pretty consistent for the most part and has stats that could make him the leader of these four mentioned above. Unfortunately, he is currently listed third.

I think it is time to give Daryll Clark his due. He has stats that are on par with the other three; he has proven that he is a leader; he has won a big road game this year, (that many expected him to lose) and as far as career achievement, he came into this season with three new wide receivers and has barely missed a beat from his 2008 Big Ten Championship season.

He is the first quarterback in Penn State history to never lose at Michigan or at Ohio State, and on Nov. 7, he has the chance to be the first Penn State quarterback to be undefeated against those two teams.

Of course, there are a few weeks left in the season and things still have to play out. Clark still has a game against Ohio State and should he have a big game there, against a top-ranked defense like the Buckeyes, Clark needs to be mentioned with the other three above.

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