TNA Putting a Second Show Out On Monday Night? TNA Says Expect It To Happen

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIOctober 28, 2009

There is a lot of TNA news coming in, so this article may seem like nothing if everything I am hearing comes to pass. There are things such as Ric Flair coming in, and a few more ROH wrestlers also making their way to the company.

Not to mention, there is the rumor that Eric Bischoff, along with Hulk Hogan, could be booking the shows for TNA and the fact that Kevin Nash was recently suspended by TNA and that Booker T is officially done with the company and much much more.

But the rumor a lot of us are interested in is when TNA will go to Monday night. This rumor came about when a TNA insider got in touch with a few different sites, and he mentioned that when he was listening in, he heard that Eric Bischoff is trying to get a second show out on Monday Night.

As of right now, Bischoff is trying to get them going to Monday to kind of rival WWE RAW. RAW normally goes from 9-11 ET. The new TNA show would be from 8-10 ET, which would go into the first hour of RAW , but RAW would have its second hour all to themselves.

Now, we should keep in mind that TNA could go to three hours like Nitro did. The issue with that is that it was very hard to do a three-hour show consistently, which is why you heard horror stories from old WCW talent who had to experience the controversy of Nitro every week.

But Nitro did have the first hour all to themselves, which helped them. However, they had to go through the three-hour show to make sure they competed with RAW from start to finish weekly.

I don't think TNA would go that route, especially knowing what it did to WCW and having many people there who knew how hard it was to go three hours weekly. There is also a rumor that they would test the show out at this time, then move to the 9-11 ET time slot to compete with RAW if it was successful.

We should also keep in mind that this is a second show and iMPACT will stay on Thursday night. Also, this new show is said to be like RAW, which means LIVE weekly. If it comes from the road, like the WWE does, or from the iMPACT Zone is yet to be talked about.

Nothing is concrete though, because TNA has yet to make an announcement saying they will be on Monday night every week.

In the past, TNA said that they want to move to Monday night to compete with RAW, but knew they couldn't because it was just to hard to compete with their starpower.

But now that Hogan and Bischoff are there and many other big names are rumored to be coming in, they could probably compete.

The Monday Night Wars would be great to see again, but this won't be a big thing rating wise as it used to be. When WCW was going head to head with RAW, we couldn't watch both shows on our TV in their entirety.

Unless you had a VCR recording Nitro or RAW on another TV in the house, you couldn't see both shows every week, you had to choose. And unless you were a diehard fan of both shows, you didn't bother recording one show weekly. Also, think about all the tapes you'd have to buy.

But now with the invention of TivO and DVR, you can record a show and watch it later like you could with a VCR, except no tapes are used. Also, the recordings count as a rating for the show if you watch it within a certain period of time.

So, realistically, RAW and the new TNA show could get the same ratings they would usually get.

We should keep in mind that even though TNA has done a lot as far as getting starpower in recently, the weekly iMPACT show still gets a 1.1 on a good day. To compete with RAW, they would need at least a 3.2 or higher every week.

Also with USA being an NBC product, I would hope that TNA would get on a channel that got as much exposure as USA does. With the new deal TNA has with Spike TV, they are allowed to shop around on different networks.

So it's possible they could be on Spike TV and another big channel, too. Which would be good to see as far as TNA is concerned.

I would wait off to see what the iMPACT ratings are like with the new acquisitions, before suddenly thinking they can move to Monday and compete with the powerhouse organization that is Monday Night RAW though.

But, because wrestling fans are just clamouring to see it and TNA wants to be in the same league of the WWE so bad, I expect TNA to go for the new Monday show. Whether it pays off or not will be something we will have to wait and see about.