Pacquiao Vs Cotto: Great Boxing Fireworks For 2009

Ildefonso SabarreContributor IOctober 28, 2009

Fasten your seat belt and be ready to ride the upcoming roller coaster of a fight that is the Pacman vs the Angel Junito and you will surely be treated again with a super fight that is unbelievable, indescribable, and unthinkable event.

Why is this so? Well as we have already seen from the last three fights of both combatants (if you had seen them), they had performed all the descriptions I mentioned above.

Let's start with Cotto:

The Margarito fight was unbelievable considering the way Cotto performed and outclassed Margarito during the early part of the fight, and he still lost. It was indescribable considering the pain and agony inflicted on Cotto up to the point where he finally quit. No words would suffice its description. It was unthinkable because Cotto was not a quitter before this fight. All of his fight before, even when he was knockdown by Torres still managed to finish the bout and win. Expectations were high on him, that to lose and more so to quit is never cross the minds of his supporters. The match surely exudes the drama of true warriors fighting for supremacy and although Cotto lost, his aura as a great  boxer was not diminished.

The Jennings fight was considered Cotto's coming out of a loss and he swashbuckling defeated the British boxer in five rounds that more or less justified the notion that Miguel was undefeated considering Margarito was playing dirty by hand-wrapping plaster of Paris on his fights nobody knows how long ago (And Cotto's team failed to check on this). So considering the performance of Cotto on this fight, many boxing fans and writers brought him back to the place where he used to be. To the top ten welter weights and pound for pound ranking.

The Clottey fight was another unbelievable achievement for the Boricua fighter. Cotto almost lost on this fight. Many thought Clottey won the fight. But then considering that Cotto is the champion, Clottey needs to be able to convince the judges on his favor but then his performance on the later rounds lacks pulp and Cotto was able to withstand Clotteys power. It was also undescribable because the cut that Cotto suffered and his courage to finish the fight under constant and relentless attack of Clottey, cannot be describe in layman's words. The fight was unthinkable because the way Clottey dominated Cotto for most of the fight, Clottey should have been given at least a tie. This fight showed the character of Cotto and earned him a respect he needed to at least a nominee to the winner of Pacquiao Hatton fight which we all now know who won.

And now to  Pacquiao:

The David Diaz fight was truly unbelievable, indescribable, and unthinkable. You must get to see this fight to believe how on earth a little man named Pacquiao who started to fight at 106 lbs and got to beat a big 135 lbs champion.

The De La Hoya fight was another remarkable fight not only as describe above but much more. See the fight and I think most of you had already seen it.

The Hatton fight? Awesome.

Both Pacquiao and Cotto are fighters, warriors, and most of all exciting practitioner of the sweet science of boxing. Never in their fights lacks the drama of a true struggle to win.As the title of their fight aptly described as FIREPOWER, we may see a Great Fireworks atop the squared ring on November 14, 2009.