Fans Deserves Better: Good Free Agents Getting Blackballed

Straight Outta V-TownCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2009

Regular season is starting and the rosters are mostly finalized. i see a lot of players having no business in the nba on rosters while established contributors who can obviously still play are lurking in the free agent pool. meanwhile, a lot of teams are significantly under the salary cap, but ticket prices are not going down either. why should we pay to watch a bunch of scrubs and busts playing in the nba when significant upgrades are available?

free agents who should definitely be in the league:
wally szczerbiak: former all-star is only 32. average 13 points a game for the sonics as recently as 2008, so don't tell me he's washed up. he sacrificed his stats for the team with the cavs and now no one wants him. the guy is a shooter, so it's not about fading athleticism either. hell, he's better than half of the players currently in the nba.

jamaal tinsley: he's always been one of my favorite point guards and was an absolute steal by isiah thomas back in the draft of 2001. larry bird obviously has something against him cuz he was from the isiah regime. sure, he hasn't played for a year, but he averaged 8.4 assists in 2008. i would take him over mike conley, beno udrih, aaron brooks, mario chalmers, raymond felton, luke ridnour, rodney stuckey, lou williams, chris duhon, and derek fisher any day and these scrubs are all starting point guards, yet tinsley can't even find a spot on a nba roster. this is blasphemy and a slap in the face to the fans who want to see the best players on the court.

rashad mccants: the guy is only 25 and obviously in his prime. he averaged 15 ppg as a 23 year old in 2008 with respectable percentages. sure, he doesn't draw enough fouls or drive to the basket enough, but he can shoot with the best of them. he's a mini ben gordon who still has quite a bit of upside. heck, he might be better than monta ellis (who can't shoot 3's) in the long run and he is better than eddie house. instead we are forced to watch daequan cook (37% shooting in his career lmfao and he doesn't do anything else either), danilo gallinari, sasha pavlovic, and julian wright attempting to play in the nba. f*ck my life.

jerry stackhouse: stack picked the wrong time to get injured in his contract year. the man, who was supposed to be the next MJ, was the 6th man for a championship contender as recently as 2008. he sacrificed his stats and #'s for the sake of the team. he could easily average 20 points per game (which was exactly what he did in his last full season before coming to dallas). he can slash, draw fouls. and he looked really good over the summer. he's 34, which isn't as old as most people think he is. he can't help a contender as a 6th man or a mediocre team as a starter? i don't buy it.

brevin knight: this guy has some injury issues, but he is one of the best distributors in the nba. he dishes out a ton of assists and rarely turns the ball over. at age 33, he can still ball. in fact, he is better than the likes of mike conley, beno udrih, aaron brooks, mario chalmers, luke ridnour, rodney stuckey, lou williams, and chris duhon. all of whom are projected starters and i'm not even gonna get into the backup points he could outplay in this league. it's just shows how cheap owners are and how ignorant GMs are.

juan dixon: you knowo what you are getting with the former most outstanding player in ncaa final four: a lot of bench scoring, not much else. but that is better than what you can say about the players are current nba rosters. he's definitely better than willie green, marco bellinelli, carlos delfino, and charlie bell. someone can use him in their rotation.

gerald green: gerald green is a victim of the kevin garnett trade. the kid has all the talent in the world and is definitely better than fellow prep-to-pro martell webster, who is projected to start in the opening night for the blazers after missing the entire season last year. green can pop 3's and his incredibly athleticism and hop makes him unstoppable around the hoop. dude averaged more than 10 points in his sophomore year. sure there will be growing pains, but he is ready to take the quantum leap if someone gives him a chance to play. please don't tell him corey brewer or rodney carney is better or got more upside than gerald green.

bonzi wells/ruben patterson: i've been upset about the bonzi wells situation since last year. i don't wanna hear about the character issues. they are mostly overblown by the media anyway. bonzi is the best rebounder out of the all the guards in the nba. he almost single handedly destroyed the spurs a couple years ago in the playoffs. the fact that he had to play a few games in china last year speak volume of how ignorant and cheap nba owners are. i'm almost upset about the patterson situation. the man had a career year then no one wanted him in the free agent market and he had to settle for a bench role on a non-guaranteed contract with the clips, which subsequently released him.

others who can make an impact: darius miles (blazers attempted to sabotage his career to save cap room. the lowest move possible.), stromile swift (you know what you're getting. he can still block shots.), ime udoka/greg buckner (savvy veterans whose contributions don't show up in the boxscore), and many more.

now moving on to who shouldn't be in the nba. you would be surprised at how many unqualified players are in the nba, especially with so many quality free agents available.
celtics: j.r. giddens (this guy stinks. at 24, no upside either.), lester hudson (this late 2nd round rookie is already 25. anybody remember orien greene? exact same situation. they're wasting a roster spot with this guy.)
knicks: marcus landry (no idea who he is, but he somehow made the final roster without doing anything.)
raptors: patrick o'bryant (i really don't know what to say about this one. o'bryant gets owned regularly in the d-league yet he is on a nba roster.), sonny weems (he was lights out last year, shooting 32%), quincy douby (another draft bust who was picked up the raps after the kings cut him. supposed to be a 1-dimensional shooter yet career percentage is 38%. at age 25 and 3 years of experience, there is no upside.)

bulls: lindsey hunter (the guy hasn't been an nba caliber player since 2001), derrick byars (25 year old former 2nd round pick made the team out of training camp. why not bring in someone with more upside like gerald green or rashad mccants or more experience like szczerbiak?)

pistons: jonas jerekbo and dajuan summers (they're wasting "2" roster spots on 2nd round picks. brilliant)

cavs: if danny ferry is serious about building a winner, then it's time to cut deadweights like darnell jackson, jawad williams, and coby karl. you're wasting over 1/5 of your roster on these guys.

bucks: it's time to send roko ukic back to europe. he just doesn't cut it in the nba especially when there are better options available for cheaper salary.

magic: what does the magic see in "linton johnson III"?

hawks: randolph morris and othello hunter need to go now. at least the hawks got rid of "mario west", "mike wilks", and "solomon jones". don't know who they are? me neither

heat: shavlik randolph found yet another nba job. i guess the duke network really helps.

bobcats: alexis ajinca is obviously not an nba player, but he has a guaranteed contract. the fact that derrick brown is somehow on the roster is beyond me.

rockets: they have the worst roster in the nba. hands down. yeah having jermaine taylor, pops mensah-bonsu, joey dorsey, brian cook, and david andersen does that to you. better yet, chuck hayes (1.3 points per game) appears to be the starting center. why don't they pick up some help from free agency?

spurs: the spurs are mostly a well-run team, but their infatuation with "malik hairston", "ian mahinmi", and former draft bust marcus haislip is getting a bit embarrarsing, especially with an aging roster that needs all 15 guys to contribute. on a positive note, at least jacque vaughn is gone.

grizzlies: why do they have to sign "trey gilder"?

hornets: we all know hilton armstrong shouldn't be in the league, but his rookie deal hasn't expired yet. what i don't understand is why "sean marks" was resigned.

jazz: jerry sloan seems to have a man-crush on this "ronnie price" character. he made the team in 2005 and is now entering his 5th season. wow. nothing suggests he is an nba caliber player. kyrylo fesenko clearly also needs to go.

blazers: okay i'm gonna cut them some slacks since patty mills, dante cunningham, and jeff pendergraph are all relatively well known college players. but isn't it really necessary to have 3, not 1 or 2, but 3, 2nd round rookies on your roster?

t-wolves: okay yeah so brian cardinal and corey brewer clearly don't belong in this league, but we have to wait for them to become free agents. what i don't understand is why "nathan jawai" and "olesky pecherov" are on the roster.

thunder: it seems like the thunder/sonics haven't learn their lessons about unpolished big men. after watching mouhamamd sene, johan petro, robert swift all became tremendous busts, the thunder went ahead and took "serge ibaka" and "byron mullens" in the 1st round. way to waste your multiple 1st round picks

kings: the kings want to carry 3 rookies on their roster. omri cassipi is already a bust in the making. jon brockman made the team without having to fight for a spot in training camp. donte greene is already a bust, but they're tied with his contract for another year.

suns: robin lopez has a guaranteed contract, so they can't get rid of him without paying. but taylor griffin, goran dragic, and alando tucker need to go now. they're a very thin team that goes probably 6-7 deep at most. time to pick up some depths suns. oh wait, that won't happen with kerr in charge.

warriors: one man's junk is another man's treasure. what's the point of having draft bust "acie law" on your roster? sure, he was a college star, but not the tim tebow type that helps you sell tickets.