SEC Coaches Are Celebrities: So Which Ones are They?

Brian HoodAnalyst IOctober 28, 2009

The coaches in the Southeastern Conference share one thing in common. In the town or city they coach in, they are celebrities. Once they get hired, they instantly become household names. They are mayors, they run the town.  

While they may not be full-flegded American icons, their personalities and performances do resemble many of the country's most notable men.

In an effort to compare the current SEC coaches to some of the nation's biggest celebrities, I'll illustrate using some of the most well-known in each of their respective fields.


Urban Meyer : Barack Obama

Both of these men are currently on top of the world. Meyer the college football world, Obama the free world. With innovative minds and as gifted speakers, they have the ability to influence a lot of people, recruits and citizens alike. 

Nick Saban : Donald Trump

These two are all-business, all the time. Very serious about dominating their opponents, they have shown what it takes to be successful at their respective crafts. And yes, they are both figures we love to hate.

Bobby Johnson : Steve Martin

Simply on appearance alone. Seriously, have you ever seen these two together at the same place? You haven't. Because they are the same person.

Steve Spurrier : Howard Stern

Both Spurrier and Stern love to make fun of and provoke people who get in their way. Once kings of their industries, they are now fading away from prominence. These two loud-mouths still have good gigs but are nearing the end of their illustrious careers.

Lane Kiffin : Eminem

Talented yet controversial, Kiffin and Eminem display some resembling characteristics. Both possess that media savvy that gets the hype machine rolling. They are calculating and shrewd. Not to mention, they can both recruit well. Kiffin brings in top-notch football players, Eminem brings in talented rappers (50 Cent).

Mark Richt : Johnny Depp

These two soft spoken, cool customers do things a little differently than their peers.  Depp chooses off-beat, alternative characters and Richt isn't as in-your-face as his SEC coaching brethren. Oh, and the ladies seem to like both of them as well. 

Les Miles : Simon Cowell

Besides one being British, these guys seem separated at birth. They tell it like it is and don't care what others think. Both are risk-takers and both have outspoken, defiant personalities. And they always seem to be ticked off at someone.

Houston Nutt : Homer Simpson

Both are eccentric but likable. Blue-collar guys, these two are both overweight, seem incompetent at times and share the same head. So it seems.

Gene Chizik : Sean Penn

Both Chizik and Penn are tough guys who like to do it their way. They have both had some major hurdles in their life as well with Chizik's trying days at lowly Iowa St. and Penn's turbulent times back in the 1980s when he constantly had violent outbursts with the media and his then-wife Madonna.  Yeah, I did my homework.

Bobby Petrino : Russell Crowe

Scumbags. Okay, you want more. Petrino is a one-dimensional coach, specializing in the air attack. Crowe is a one-dimensional actor, specializing in dramatic acting roles.   A stretch? Yes, but they are both scumbags.

Rich Brooks : Christopher Walken

These two do not get the credit they deserve. They are vastly underrated even as they come to the end of their careers. And both Brooks and Walken have that unique deadpan style of speaking. 

Dan Mullen : Jon Hamm

Yeah, I don't know who these guys are either.