The Evolution Of Pro Football To "Pansy" Football

Jeff SockContributor IIOctober 28, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO - OCTOBER 30:  Defenseman Ronnie Lott #42 of the San Francisco 49ers makes a tackle during a NFL game against the Minnesota Vikings at Candlestick Park on October 30, 1988 in San Francisco, California.  The Niners defeated the Vikings 24-21.  (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

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I have been so disappointed this season watching the game that I used to feel proud to call pro football. 


The powers that be in the game have taken away almost all of the hard hitting in the game (with all respect still to you Ray Lewis).  You can no longer hit a man high.  You can no longer sack the quarterback low. 


Ronnie Lott, Dick Butkus, and Deacon Jones could have never played under the rules today.


Pro football was once the territory of one sole starting running back per team that only came out of the game if he was carried off on a stretcher.  Now two or three running backs are carrying the load for teams. 


Every time somebody runs for a gain of over 20 or more yards, the running back is waving to the sidelines to come out of the game.  Where have you gone Jim Brown, Walter Payton, and Barry Sanders?


This evolution has now even affected the play calling during a game.  Five times this weekend I watched teams on third down and three yards to go, or less.  In years past teams would simply play smash mouth football and go fullback and tight end in a power set and blast you with the running back for the three yards. 


Instead all five times, teams ran five wide shotgun formation.  Of these five passes only one resulted in moving the chains.  I am sure the running backs would have been more successful than one out of five in those situations.


Bottom line, it is the evolution that the league wants.  After all, what is the league anyway but a bunch of grown millionaires playing a modified version of flag football? 


I see harder hits at my local high school football games on Friday night.