F1 Here In The States!!!

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F1 Here In The States!!!
(Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

          I cant belive its gonna happen and its not that far away. There will be an American F1 team sooner than we know it. This just tickles my jibbys more than anything. While most of us here in the states dont follow F1 as much as we do NASCAR, we certainly should be proud of this.

         F1 is the premire racing league in all of the world as far as asphalt racing goes. While most people would say its just cars going around a track, no rubbing, no actual racing I would like you to consider, and keep in mind, that these cars are the pinniacle of racing technology. F1 cars are by far the fastest, most advanced vechicals known to man. Whether or not your a NASCAR junkie or just a fan or your local track this form of racing is hands down the best ever.

        Unlike NASCAR these cars go as fast as possible within the rules and do it with minimal breakage. To push a mechanical device to the limit on every lap is very exciting to watch. Then to add a group of other like cars around it and have them push just as hard is unbeliveable. I know many might say there is no competition but when your dealing with thousandths of a second its easy to over look the reason many a race is won on the first lap.  A race can be won or lost in a fraction of a second literally! Poor start, slow pit stop, or just a poor line through a corner can all add up to the difference between first and fifth.

        With such a fabulous history and the fact that these are the worlds best cars, we here in the states should be proud to be able to have a team compete on the highest level. Enter USF1!!! While this is just a budding team the excitment grows everyday until they take the course and are able to hold the American banner against the best Manufactuers of the world. 

        Some possible names have surfaced as far as who will drive, most noteably Kyle Busch. This would be a great starting point for an American team with an American driver. While most his driving has been done in the top American series, NASCAR, it would be good to see how he holds up against the Worlds best. Kinda like the Olympics of motorsports!

        So heres to you USF1 and may your rookie season be full of spectacular racing. I know i'll be watching and cheering for Americas team when it finally gets its chance to show itself on the worlds stage. 


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