College Snow-Shredding; Appalachian State Snowboarding!

Will TaylorContributor IApril 4, 2017

Snowboarding season is right around the corner boys and girls.  Im getting the pre season butterflies and can't wait for the local slopes to open their lifts for shredding.  Appalachian State is getting their Club Snowboard Team ready for action to defend their ranking of 2nd in conference and 6th in the nation! A little better than their prized football team?  Many of you might not know about college snowboarding and many of the schools don't appreciate their club snowboard teams; all of the athletes pay almost 100% of their travel and competition fees.  These teams travel almost every weekend to compete against schools from their conferences representing their schools, and if you have been snowboarding or skiing you know how expensive it is to spend a weekend at the mountain.  

Appalachian State just spent millions of dollars to renovate their stadium for a team that isn't living up to their hype!  They spent so much of their budget on the stadium that the teachers are not allowed to use paper from the school to print off class assignments and such.  Wow!  Can't believe it?  Me neither...  So spending a little bit of money on club sports that bring just as much prestige to the school as their mainstreem sports doesn't sound too rediculous now does it.  

The teams compete in all aspects of snowboarding throughout the season including Giant Slolom, Boardercross, Superpipe and Freestyle.  App State took the number 2 in conference and 6th in the nation!  I don't think their Football team can say that this year..  

The team is working with local snowboard shops to come up with sponsorship deals to make the financial burden on the riders a little less heavy.  A big thanks to Alpine Ski Center.  A little thanks to App Ski Mtn who was generous enough to take whopping 30 dollars off their 300 dollar season pass!  

The average cost on the athletes for just the regional events was upwards of a 1000 dollars!  And to go to nationals alone was over a 1000 Dollars!  But the students sucked it up and paid the steep prices to represent their school.  So the schools should put a little more thought into their club sports to help out the students that are exhausting their financial resources to be part of promoting their school in the sports they love.

Look for App State this year on the slopes and in the magazines.  If you want to check out some media you can go to

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Last words of wisdom.  Wax it and Shred it!  Till next time, Peace!