The Roller Coaster Ride Known As The NFL Season

John C. PearsonContributor IOctober 27, 2009

GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 22:  (L-R) Australian A1 GP driver Will Davison and V8 Supercar Championship driver Steven Johnson attend the launch of the Superman Escape Rollercoaster Ride at Warner Bros Movie World December 22, 2005 on the Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Paul Broben/Getty Images)


Roller Coaster - any phenomenon, period, or experience of persistent or violent ups and downs, as one fluctuating between prosperity and recession or elation and despair.

The NFL Season, as a football fan, when you have a team you are passionate about, is a wild roller coaster ride.  There is no other way to describe it. 

One week, when your team loses, you are in a state of despair.  The next week when your team wins, you are in a state of elation.

Football, more than any other sport elicits these wild emotions.  I think this happens because each week is so important.  Think about it. In baseball there are 162 game.  In the NBA and NHL there are 82 games each.  In the NFL  -  16 regular season games.  Theoretically, there can be more MLB Baseball Playoff Games (19) then NFL regular season games.  In the NBA and NHL a team could play up to 28 playoff games alone!  Though it is a long season, each game is of the utmost importance.

But it is a long season. After three weeks, Baltimore and the NY Giants looked invincible.  Since then they have lost 3 and 2 games in a row respectively. 

So the Chargers get blown out by Pittsburgh.  Then after the bye week, they lose to Denver at home in a crucial AFC West match up. 

Season over.

Then they come out and blow out a very lousy Kansas City team by 30 points! Yes, the Chiefs are one of the worse teams in the league, but NFL teams do not beat other teams by 30 points – especially in the other team’s stadium.  But that is what the Chargers did this last weekend

My gut tells me that the Chargers still have too many issues to compete this year, but I have to say I am encouraged by the comments of Peter King, Senior Writer of Sports Illustrated and who I consider THE most knowledgeable NFL scribe.  (BTW, he was hawking his new book on the Charlie Rose Show (search Peter King) . If you like football watch this interview.  Fascinating).

In this week’s  Monday Morning Quarterback column  on, here is what Peter King had to say.

A balanced unbiased view from one of the most knowledgeable and experienced NFL writers in the country.

So here is what I liked and did not like about the Chargers this week. (stealing from Peter’s MMQB format)

What I Liked

LT still has that burst. The way he hit the hole on that 36 yard run was incredible. He had about 20 inches to squeeze through and when he did, it looked like he was shot out of a cannon.  It was the type of run that shows why he will be a first year Hall of Famer.  If the O-line can get to blocking consistently like that – watch out!

I like still like the Rivers to Vincent Jackson connection. There is no duo in the NFL that is as good at connecting on the long pass, the type that can break the other teams back.

The safety blitzes.  Maybe they should not worry about Weddle covering the TE and just let him go after the QB.

Tim Dobbins looks like the real deal. I love his intensity.

I like the rotation at nose tackle. Scott, Johnson and Nwagbuo might be able to actually stop the run, given they each only need to play 20 plays and can be fresh.  Let’s hope they all stay healthy

What I Did Not Like

Run blocking in the red zone.  LT had nowhere to go.

Red Zone overall efficiency again. See above on the inability of LT getting in. But they also had a TD called back because of illegal formation and Gate dropped a ball in the end zone that he usually makes.

So though I am still not “sold’ on this Charger team, I will take Peter’s lead to take their temperature in Mid November.