Indiana Pacers Team Scrimmage: Black Vs. White? (err, Caucasian)

... ...Contributor IOctober 30, 2016

In a slow day for NBA news, it has come to the light that the Indiana Pacers broke up their recent team scrimmages into two teams: black and white.

That is skin color, not jersey color.

An idea originally discarded by the whole team was finally embraced after an incident within the team during a field trip to Best Buy.

While Troy Murphy and Tyler Hansbrough were searching for a good DVD to pick up, Danny Granger and TJ Ford were doing the same thing.  They eventually met back at the register and compared their selections, and that is where the trouble began.

While Hansbrough and Murphy returned with the whole collection of Seinfeld, Granger and Ford were smiling over finding the complete set of Martin. An argument then broke out between the four of them, and pretty soon, other teammates were getting involved.

"Martin?  Did people actually fall for those stupid disguises he had on?  That had to be the stupidest show ever, plus it's on TBS everyday anyway!" shouted Murphy at Ford.

"You are about to buy a show about nothing, who is the stupid one now? They had an episode about masturbation, that show was full of losers!" responded Ford, making Solomon Jones chuckle in the distance.

Travis Diener came up with Season Four of Friends, and Brandon Rush ran up with The Jeffersons clutched tightly.  Just a verbal fight to begin with, it got physical soon after when Josh McRoberts asked Granger to borrow some money to purchase an Everybody Loves Raymond poster. At that point, Granger became incensed and challenged the pale-skinned players to a game.

While Dahntay Jones was in the music aisle jamming to the new Jay-Z CD, Jeff Foster was right across from him grooving to some Weezer.  Foster took exception to how loud Jones was playing his "darn hippitty hop music," and the feud took another step forward. 

Mysteriously missing, however, was Mike Dunleavy who was hiding in the corner, clutching a copy of "In Living Color."

The Pacers, a team often criticized for the amount of white players, finally had a use for all of them!  A team full of shooters and low vertical leaps took on their much more athletic counterparts and it really helped the team grow.

Not only in terms of game experience, but also saving on practice jerseys.  By going shirts vs. skins, the Pacers have no need for a second set of uniforms.  The caucasian team, at first glanc,e appear to be wearing uniforms due to their farmer tans.

When asked about the situation, Larry Bird was optimistic on how it would help the team.

"I think this really helped us grow stronger, and helped our chemistry.  After all, friendly competition is always welcome within this team," Bird commented.

"But, for the record, Martin sucks."