State Of Affairs: WWE Divas Division

Christi LottCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2009

Now that the dust has settled from the big Diva Draft shake-up, it's time to take a look at what we've got and what could be. I  tend to believe that buildup for Wrestlemania begins now, and who's champion(s) by the end of the year can set the tone for the big run.  I'm omitting ECW as the girls on there hardly ever wrestle, and when they do it's for nothing.


The current Divas champion is Melina.  While I thought that Jillian would get a big of a push after getting a major shaft after winning her first WWE title, but it really doesn't seem to be that way anymore.  Melina has decisively pinned her two weeks in a row, and honestly, the two of them really don't mesh together.

As a face, she's limited to Jillian, Alicia Fox and Maryse.  Fox of the three has put on the most consistently solid matches, but the charisma/personality factor is off, and she hasn't been built up as a strong heel.

Melina's best option at this point will be the returning Maryse.  Although some question her abilities and skills, she oozes heel.  She's also been the most consistently good in talking on a mic or in backstage segments.

I don't think she'll get immeditately thrust into a title picture, but her return will automatically make her top dog. Plus, she and Melina have had some good moments and had a not too bad match on RAW. I think with time they can work out a good feud.

As far as the faces go, Kelly Kelly, Eve, Gail Kim and The Bellas got work to do.  Although K2 gets a solid pop, seeing her as a championship material isn't quite what comes to mind, although if she's going to win anything, the Divas Title is perfect for her.

Eve is a fastly improving wrestler, but has yet to do anything since coming to RAW. The Bellas serve as hostesses, which is perfect for them as long as they don't wrestle, and Gail is lacking in the popularity and non-botching department.

I do hope that no matter what happens, Melina will be champion come Wrestlemania. If there's a possible Divas Champion vs Womens Champion match, she's their best option for a good match. If they get their own match, she vs. Maryse would suit me just fine.


Michelle McCool is the current Women's Champion.  Sadly, she's been injured and hasn't wrestled much, but she did put on a good feud and good matches with Melina.  As a heel her biggest threat is Mickie James, the veteran and arguably the most popular Diva period.  The two of them haven't wrestled each other in a long match yet, and I'm honestly curious to see what's there.  The few times they've clashed had sights of something good.

However, Beth Phoenix has also stepped into contention and has made her presence known more times than one.  Beth completely dominated Michelle in the one match they had, and I think Beth going against her can turn The Glamazon into an instant face, which is gravely needed on SD, with Mickie being the only credible face Diva; Maria is insignificant at this point, and barely wrestles.

Sadly once again, the WWE's best natural women's wrestler, Natalya is being pushed to the side a bit, but I seriously hope it changes.  Layla is doing well, but she needs someone to feud with.  Eve was good for her, but when it came to matches, it was always Eve winning.

As far as Wrestlemania goes, I'd like to see Nattie go in as champion only because I'd love to see her wrestle Melina.  Dream-wise, if the Women's Title got it's own match, I'd KILL to see Beth take on Natalya.  I don't care who's champion nor who loses, but to see these two caliber athletes wrestling each other would be fantastic.