Missouri-Oklahoma: Tigers Try to Escape "Deja Vu"

MiffetContributor IOctober 11, 2007

IconThe Missouri Tigers are off to a blazing start (5-0, 1-0).

Does this mean they should rely on their consistent fire to drift them through the rest of the season?

I think not.

The Tigers have seen this before, and it's time to change their bad habits.

Although they often have good starts to their seasons, they seem to have quite a bit of trouble ending off on a high note.

Last season, the Tigers started off 6-0, but fell to an 8-5 record. For three of their past four seasons, they failed to exceed eight wins when starting with a 4-1 record. 

This Saturday will truly determine the power of the Tigers when the Oklahoma Sooners (5-1, 1-1) come in with a 28-21 victory over the ranked Texas Longhorns, who failed to win at home last Saturday.

With their only loss a 27-21 upset to Colorado two weeks before, the Sooners have regrouped and are ready to on take any contender.

Are the Tiger players the only ones scared?

Even Coach Gary Pinkel is biting his nails anticipating this upcoming game that could determine the rest of the ride for his team this season.

Pinkel is just 2-15 against teams in the AP Top 25 in his seven years in Missouri, with both wins coming against Nebraska. The Tigers have lost 13 straight games on the road to ranked opponents.Icon Sports Media

The Tigers' emotions will be even more shaken up knowing that a game-day decision will be made regarding their leading rusher, Tony Temple, who has a sprained ankle.

This game will be decided upon the efforts of the defense.

Missouri Tigers will have to shut down Sooners' quarterback Sam Bradford, who leads the nation with a 187.03 passer rating.

The Tigers will have to step up their defensive game and make crucial stops if they want to defeat this dangerous Sooners team, which has outscored the them 128-47 to win their last four meetings in the series.

The Tigers are hoping to avoid another repeat.

With only two games this weekend that are matchups between ranked teams, the Missouri Tigers (11) versus the Oklahoma Sooners (6) will be the game to watch. (The LSU Tigers (1) will also be taking on the Kentucky Wildcats (17).)

Will this Saturday prove to be another "Mizzou Déjà Vu"?

The Tigers hope not.