Forcier And The Wolverines Aim To Win The Rest

Eric YarmolukCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2009

The Michigan Wolverines have had an up and down season. Starting off going 4-0. Then they dropped two big games against Michigan State and Iowa in games that came down to the wire.

Then the Wolverines came back to Ann Arbor with a vengeance and played a record breaking game, dominating Delaware State 63-3 and having over 700 yards of offense.

While Michigan was averaging about 37 points per game, the Penn State Nittany Lions came into the big house, where they havn't won since 1996, and held the Wolverines to only 10 points in a 35-10 beat down putting the young Wolverines at a 5-3 season thus far.

The Wolverines have four games left, all Big Ten opponents. Illinois, Purdue, Wisconsin, and of course Ohio State.

Michigan goes down to Illinois this weekend to play the Fighting Illini. With Illinois, and Juice Williams not playing so hot this season, Michigan will try to go out and take advantage, and get their offense rolling again.

Expect Forcier to come out having a big game, after he had a very disappointing showing against Penn State. Also, expect to see Denard Robinson get some playing time, even after coughing up the ball for two turnovers last game.

The Wolverines will most likely pound the defensive line with their run game, and try to get their passing game back on track.

If the Wolverines can get their offense back on track, and be able to put up their 37 point average a game, and dominate on the ground like they have been, they have a good chance to win every game the rest of their season, including their game against Ohio State.

Their next two games against Illinois, and Purdue are their best chance to win at least two of their last four games. Purdue will be a challenge with their big win over Ohio State, but the Wolverines should be able to win it with their run game.

The Wolverines two challenges will be Wisconsin and Ohio State. Wisconsin will be a little easier than Ohio State, being 5-2 overall, and 2-2 in the Big Ten, they are on a two game losing skid. The Badgers started off strong, but did not play very elite teams until they took on Ohio State.

As for Ohio State, this game, as always, will be a battle until the end that no one will forget. With the drama of Pryor and Michigan, and the biggest rivalry in college football, everyone in the nation will be tuning in. With Pryor having his on and off games, and their two losses, one of which was a huge loss against Purdue, Michigan has a great chance to be able to shut Pryor down, and pound the defense with their run game. Michigan just may have Ohio State's number this year.

It will be tough for the young Wolverines to do it, but they have heart, and are capeable of winning these last four games of the season. They have gained a lot of experience this season, and know what they have to do to win these games.