Power Ranking The Power Rankings-Week 1

Danny CarberryContributor IOctober 27, 2009

We are ranking the Top 5 Power Rankings out there and were ready to give you the Creme of all the land. If you thought Power Rankings had anything to do with strength, finesse and stamina, then you’re right. Power Rankings requires stamina and agility. Taking place in the Welsh town of Llanwrtyd Wells, we assemble the Power Rankings of Power Rankings each week to see what your favorite Power Ranking is ranked. Why waste time bloviating, let the list begin.

5. ESPN College Football Power Rankings

I like this Power ranking this week. ESPN College Football blocked not one but two other rankings out of the Top five this week, including one in the closing seconds against CNNSI. ESPN College Football heads into a bye week and will host ESPN Nascar Power Rankings on Nov. 7.

4. CNNSI NHL Power Rankings

Allan Muir and the CNNSI NHL Power Ranking mucked up their seven-game win streak, but the bigger loss was of Alan's reminder to his power ranking readers which stated:

Please note that I, unlike most referees, do not have it in for your team. Also, stats and records are through Sunday, so Monday night's action isn't part of the equation. I will give him the fourth slot this week. But barely.

NHL Power Ranking has some depth, which they will have to use to get through this long Power Ranking season.

3. ESPN NBA Power Rankings

The defending champs, would usually, start out at No. 1 in our weekly, fully non automated pulse but slid down to 3 this week because Marc Stein likes to talk Gibberish about town. This power ranking has all the tools to hold the top spot, but won't with sloppy Power rankings. The Kings at number 30 Mark? Really?

2. ESPN Cricket Power Rankings

As the ICC Cricket World Cup enters its 14th week, the ESPN Cricket Power ranking debuts at number two and really shows promise in regards to ranking teams that play crickett. With countries like Bangladesh, West Indies and Sri Lanka-they are poised to take over the top slot with relative ease shortly.

1. High School 5A Badminton Rankings

Who is even close folks? With schools like Chandler and Xavier in the top 5, this power ranking is dominant and leads all other Power rankings substantially. It's truly a "Power" power ranking and will have to slip up next week to fall down the list.

Honorable mentions:
UVN's Man vs. Horse Power Rankings, CW's Black sitcom series Power Ranking, Discovery Channel's World Adult kickball Power Rankings and ESPN Nascar Power Rankings.