Carmelo Anthony (nugget) Feature

Jac OrtegaContributor IOctober 27, 2009

Carmelo Anthony technically the 3rd pick of the 2003 NBA draft by the DENVER NUGGETS  behind LeBron James and Darko Millicic,we can consider him the second judging by the 2nd guy of draft almost did nothing and kept the bench warm for Detroit.

In his rookie Season he turned the Denver Nuggets from a mediocre team to a playoff one he lead the team in scoring with 21.0 ppg and is the only second player in history to lead his team in scoring as a rookie since david robinson of San Antonio Spurs during the 1989-1990 season.he lead his team to the playoffs with a 43-39 record and was the 8th seed of the western conference.they faced the top seeded and Kevin Garnetted Timberwolves.which they lost in 5 games.He also finished close 2nd in the rookie of the year balloting behind the "hyped one" LeBron James.

After his rookie season Anthony progressed thru his all around game criticized with too much ball handling in set plays he slowly raised his assist average every season and defensively stepping his game up.with the Nuggets building the team around him. he did his job by being the clutch player the team needs he is one of the go to players down the wire in a close ball game he made 11 game winning baskets out of 17 tries over the course his present career the highest percentage among current NBA players.


Aside from being hot on the court he is also hot tempered he was involved in a fight in MSG vs. the Knicks where he punch a new york Knick player Jared Jeffries (if my memory serves me right) And  got suspended for 15 games. over the course of the suspension the Denver front office made a desperate move to save the season by aqquiring a familiarly cornrowed guy allen iverson and they formed one of the most high scoring duo with Anthony averaging 28.7 ppg while A.I averaged  26.4 PPG and eventually the tandem disbanded the nuggets went looking for a steady guy at the point and traded traded the answer for Mr.Bigshot Chauncey Billups which brought stability and leader ship to the team.

For now Anthony and the nuggets are trying to climb obstacles with a solid core of Carmelo,Chauncey,JR. Smith,NENE,Kenyon Martin,the birdman Chris Andersen and piecing some role players like Aaron Aflalo and the shifty Ty Lawson,this team can reach places which frankly solely rely on Carmelo Anthony. And if miraculously they beat L.A and it's Gonna be a Cake walk to the Larry O'brien trophy :)