Bob Griese Opens Taco Truck

Danny CarberryContributor IOctober 27, 2009

(Associated Hump) Jupiter, Fl- Legendary Quarterback Bob Griese launched a Taco Truck business this past Monday in Jupiter, Florida. Griese is a former two-time All-American at Purdue and was the runner-up to Steve Spurrier for the 1966 Heisman Trophy. He led Purdue to the 1966 Big Ten championship (Purdue finished second in the Big Ten in 1966) and the school's first appearance in the Rose Bowl, where they defeated USC 14-13. He also led the Miami Dolphins to the only undefeated season in NFL history.

At last month's town council meeting, Juniper unanimously granted a use permit to the town's first taco truck, to be parked at the south end of Dick's parking lot. The move comes in the wake of residents' complaints that there is no affordable food in town, though as put by a tipster "this being Juniper, there were plenty of residences who voiced their opposition. The Bob Griese Tacos Y Burritos truck-is anticipated to serve the Juniper community with delicious wet-back cuisine," according to Griese.

Located in the midst of auto repair shops and low volume Dick's Sporting Goods, Griese's truck should not be mistaken for a junker. Within, half of the Y Burritos bus is a kitchen and half is a covered, heated eating area. Menus, line the walls and, while some menus may be redundant, you might miss the great tamales if you only look at the pictures.

Griese's burritos has the usual choices and, for the no-Spanish speakers, big colorful pictures of all the dishes and Griese's former NFL teammates. Be prepared; the pictures under-represent the amount of food you'll be getting. "Most Mexicans are chubby and a little overweight, so if I can add to this epidemic, why not, states Griese. Unfortunately, I always end up eating the food before the camera comes out." But you can't go wrong if you follow the Griese's advice and stick with the basics.

The recommendations:

- the Greaserchicken quesadilla ($4.00) is a full meal and comes piled on the paper plate
- the Beanermulitas are excellent (and only $1.50).
- the Juan tamales are hidden on the menu and are sometimes piled in a basket in the kitchen. They're often great, but not always.

I love the tacos here......Juan Pablo Montoyo.