Is The NFL Headed In The Wrong Direction Under Goodell?

J HartmanCorrespondent INovember 8, 2016

Is the NFL going to follow in the footsteps of the NBA and become a circus of individuals rather than a team sport?  Or even worse?  Will the NFL start it's own penal system to keep it's players out of jail?



Let's look at some realities of what the NFL is jamming down the throats of the fans.

Code of conduct policy is a joke!

Players and coaches are becoming more and more irresponsible and criminal yet Goodells' policy seems to be "as long as you are not in prison, or due to be sentenced there, we welcome you"  And BTW "when you get out of prison we will appoint a high profile person to mentor you back in to the league"

It doesn't matter what you did in college. It doesn't matter if you got your degree, it doesn't matter if you even attended class, it doesn't matter if you smoke dope, snort coke, or beat your girlfriend, as long as you don't get caught doing it in the NFL......and if you do....prepare to have your hand loudly slapped!

A head coach assaults another coach and since the local law decided not to press charges, the NFL closes their eyes to it.  Regardless of what truly happened in that room this is not conduct becoming of the NFL!  Since when is it the local authorities decision to press charges, that is the decision of the victim!

After Donte Stallworth's purchase of his sentence, one of the lawyers involved said "the NFL ran this show and that's all I can tell you".

Keep in mind, we only hear about the issues the NFL can't buy or cover up!

Rules changes to protect certain players is a joke!

The reason players are getting hurt has nothing to do with rules, it is because they are human machines, built up on steroids, who are capable of killing a player who is off balance or looking the other way!

The NFL preaches "player safety" but looks the other way regarding steroids!

The reason players use steroids is to protect their body and and their career.  Since there are many, many, other players using steroids a player is left with an ugly decision...."do I get man-handled by the guys who use steroids thereby risking injury and sub-par performance, or do I do it as well to keep up?"

Do you really believe that the same rules which protected players 20-30 years ago are now, magically, ineffective?  Do you really believe that the human body (the normal human body) is evolving all of a sudden?  Do you run in to 6'6" 300 pound guys who can run a 4.7 second 40 yard dash in your line of work?

And before you say that the MNFL Players Association is at fault, ask yourself this....Do you really believe that if the NFL came up with a plan which eliminated steroids altogether, which thereby reduces player injuries significantly, that the NFLPA would stand in the way?

Finally, ask yourself this?......Who stands to gain from the use of steroids, the players or the league?  Some players may see it as a way to earn some more jack but they also realize the short term and long term risks.  The league makes hundreds of millions by putting the freak show on the field in 13 or 14 different cities every week!

International game locations is a joke!

There is not a fan, player, or coach who likes these international games yet the NFL is talking about not only increasing the number of these games but actually putting a team in Europe or Mexico!

Financial management in a down economy is irresponsible!

Would you watch games if there was never another throw-back uniform worn?  Would you stop watching games if the pink went away?  What's the point?  The NFL is spending untold millions to purchase multiple uniforms for each team and to wear pink for cancer.  Why?  Do we the fans care about throw-back uniforms?  Do we need to see advertising on the players as well as all over the stadiums and TV?

The cost to fly teams to Europe is ridiculous, not to mention the rental of Wimbledon Stadium!

Officiating is becoming a joke!

Officiating is getting worse every year and think about this!  In a prime time game, there are over double the cameras in the stadium to make sure to capture all the angles.  You may ask how this effects officiating......this means that in some games there are 10 camera angles to choose from for instant replay, in some games there are 25 camera angles.

We all know that there are a few penalties which can be called on every single play of every single game, right?  So why not modify those penalties to eliminate that issue?  For example, offensive holding could be reduced to nil if they simply allowed the O line to do whatever they need to do to stop the D line, short of flat out tackling the guy....mano-e-mano!

Think about this.  If the officials wanted to keep a certain team in a game, all they have to do is call offensive holding on any critical play such as third and short.  This allows the officials to control the momentum of a game.  And we all know how the NFL strives for parity, right?

Player management is a joke!

A player leaves his feet and hits another player head-to-head and nearly kills him and he is fined $20,000.  Another player wears the wrong color chin strap and gets fined $10,000.  Is player safety the issue here or player conformity?

At one time I thought Roger Goodell had inherited a real mess from Tagliabue but it seems that Goodell's handling of the NFL's ever-growing troubles is painting an ugly picture.